“No New Bidders” on DealDash?

So you’ve tried to bid on an auction only to find that you can’t place a bid. You have bids in your bidding account and you haven’t exceeded the weekly win limit, so why can’t you bid?

“No New Bidders!”

On DealDash if you try to place a bid after the auction price is at $5 and you hadn’t placed a bid previously in the auction, the site will  block you from bidding due to all penny auctions on DealDash being “No Jumper” auctions. So no new bidders can place a bid after $5.00.

No exceptions!

Be sure you place a bid early on before the $5.00 price or find another auction to bid on.

No New Bidders – “No Jumper” auctions were created by DealDash to make it so no new bidders can “jump in” and join in on an auction if they haven’t already invested bids prior to when an auction receives 500 bids.

What happens is a few bidders could invest a lot of money and bids from the get-go, the beginning of the auction, then later on someone could enter, not place any bids and then spend as much as they did to that point and make the others spend more, or win for much less. A lot of penny auction bidders dislike jumpers and feel that allowing them to “jump in” late isn’t fair. Really it’s just how the auctions are set up, but DealDash makes it so no one new can enter after $5, upsetting bidders already vying for the item.

no new bidders

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Why Aren’t You Winning the Auction Game?

You’ve worked really hard.

You found out about penny auctions and became intrigued by all of the advertisements and tales of others winning super cool items for really cheap. So you decided to try penny auctions out in hopes of winning.

You’ve spent a lot of money on bid packs.

You’ve spent even more time bidding…

BUT…! You’re still not winning all those cool items for less like a lot of others have been. Why not?

Why aren’t you winning the auction game?

You might not be winning for one, or many, of these reasons.

1. You’re in the wrong place.

2. You’re in the right place, but the wrong time.

3. You’re bidding against “heavy hitters.”

4. You need more patience.

or 5. You’re not taking advantage of a few helpful tools.

or 6. You just need to spend more money.

Ok, so while it may not be obvious, there are some penny auction sites that are flat-out scams. A good resource to reference prior to bidding on any site would be Penny Auction Watch. Sign up on the Penny Auction Watch Forum to get tips and discuss penny auctions with other bidders.

You may be bidding at the right site, a legit penny auction or entertainment auction website, but you’re bidding at the wrong time. And you really never know when they right time is, but there are times where the traffic on a site is at peak levels and the competition is tough. You never know when another bidder, or multiple bidders, will stop bidding and you could be in the auction when the others have just started or can bid more than you want to.

You could be bidding against the big shot penny auction powerbidders. These guys know the game, know the rules of the game, and win often. Sometimes they spend thousands of bids on an item not worth hundreds, other times they get items worth thousands with only a few bids. So you have to do your homework. If it’s a site with less traffic and not as many bidders as a larger site like DealDash, Beezid, or QuiBids, you need to watch and see who is winning and what their bidding behaviors are before you bid against them. Just know the game and play it better than they do. This takes time, and patience.

Patience – you never know when another bidder is going to stop bidding. This is why it’s important to watch an auction closely and bid with patience. Don’t just hit bid every second another bidder places a bid. Watch as the timer counts down and bid when the timer is in the last few seconds (4-3 seconds).

Many sites offer bidding tools. Be sure you are familiar with them and take advantage of them. Bidding tools on DealDash.com include a bid buddy – this is an automatic bidding system that will bid for you with the amount of bids you tell it to use over the specified span of time in an auction. This is great if you are tired of pressing the bid button, want to always show up if someone else doesn’t bid and have a competitive advantage over others not using bid buddy. But note: many bidders can also be using bid buddy the same time as you. The bid buddy system will take turns bidding for you with other bidders, so you may not place a bid each time someone else bids. You could save money this way and you surely won’t miss getting a bid in if no one else bids.

Perhaps this one is the most obvious and you’ve already spent a lot of money… To win a particular auction you may need to spend more money than you want to. It really depends on where you’re at in the bidding and where everyone else is. This is not something that can be gauged. You have to pay attention and keep track of your spending, you may have to quit before you’re too far ahead, or keep going. No one can make this decision for you.

What have you bid on and won lately on a penny auction site? Do you bid on DealDash?


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DealDash Offers Great Deals on Dinnerware!

libbey glassware setYesterday we talked about how you can get great deals on food to either eat in or dine out by bidding on auctions at DealDash for gift cards to restaurants or grocery stores, or by bidding on deals for fresh cuts of meat and fish from Omaha Steaks. Now that you know where to find deals on food, here are a few great auctions you can build on to save money on new dinnerware and cutlery. These auctions are great for your dining table or to give as a wedding or anniversary gift. Take a look!

CORELLE DISHESCorelle Square Simple Sketch 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

4 each 10-1/4-inch Dinner Plates
8-3/4-inch Luncheon Plates
22-ounce Soup/Cereal Bowls
12-ounce Porcelain Mugs.

rachael ray dinnerware set2For a more vibrant, cheery-feel check out these 16-piece round and square dinnerware sets from Rachael Ray. DealDash offers auctions for these Rachael Ray sets in bright orange or lime green.

This gourmet set includes the following
  • Four 1-Inch dinner plates
  • Four 8.5-Inch Salad Plates
  • Four 6-Inch/16-Ounce Cereal Bowls
  • Four 14-Ounce Mugs


  • Gibson SoHo dinnerware dealsThis Gibson Soho Lounge Square 16-piece Dinnerware Set in Purple 
    has a buy it now price of $80, but the last winner of this set only paid for the bids it cost to win it and the $0.45 end price!

    sango jubilee dinnerware set


  • SANGO – Jubilee 16 piece Dinnerware Set  -Handcrafted by local artisans, Jubilee is decorated with reactive glazes, displaying fine vines with bright red berries contrasting against the beige background. The Jubilee 16pc Piece Set will complement any contemporary dinning décor and will leave a lasting impression on your dinning guests.

libbey glassware setAlso, if you win plates you may as well get new glasses as well! This Libbey Classic – 16-Piece Glassware Set in Smoke
is a great 16-piece set including 8 double old fashion glasses and  8 cooler glasses. Perfect gift for newlyweds or new homeowners, or just for yourself. Buy it now price is just $37.

royal doulton dishware deals

For a bit more on the classier side check out this Royal Doulton 5-pc place setting - the retail/buy it now price is $93.71.

Royal Doulton is a world-class brand in quintessential British tableware, collectable figurines, crystal, glass and giftware. A dinnerware pattern that’s elegant enough to use at any occasion, while also practical enough to eat from everyday. Platinum banded, dishwasher safe. 5pc place setting includes: dinner 10.75″, salad 8″, b & b plate 6.25″, saucer 5″, teacup 7.4 oz


If you’re wanting to update your dining room further check out this auction for a deal on a brand new 5-pc dining room table and chairs set.

Home Styles Arts & Crafts 5PC Dining Set:

Click Alert Me on this auction page on DealDash to get notified of when this auction for a new dining room set will be scheduled.


home styles arts and crafts 5pc dining set

For more great deals on dinnerware and dining as well as gift cards to restaurant be sure to go to DealDash.com, buy a bid pack and try to win on any one of their thousands of weekly auctions! Good luck & Bon appetit!


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Did You Know That DealDash Sells Food?

chateaubrandNot only does DealDash have auctions for gift cards to grocery stores, fast food and other restaurants, they sell and ship fresh fish, poultry and steak direct from Omaha Steaks.

For instance, this Omaha Steaks Master Grill Pack valued at a buy it now of $116 sold for only $0.05 recently! That’s just 5 bids! Never know when an auction could end.

dealdash master steaks

Fire up the grill and let the good times begin with this incredible assortment from Omaha Steaks. You’re going to love serving up our legendary Filet Mignons, bold and beefy Top Sirloins, genuine Omaha Steaks Burgers and Gourmet JumboFranks! This is the ultimate pack for those who love to grill.

This combo contains:

2 (5 oz.) Filet Mignons

2 (5 oz.) Top Sirloins

4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers

4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks

- See more at: Omaha Steaks Master Grill Pack

Omaha Steaks® 4 (6 oz.) Swordfish Steaks Buy it Now price: $62 – See more at: http://www.dealdash.com/battle.php?auction_id=2466623#sthash.0ucmpCKz.dpufsteak

Omaha Steaks® 4 (6 oz.) Swordfish Steaks You can’t compare the ocean-fresh flavor of an Omaha Steaks Swordfish Steak. Firm texture and a full flavor make our thick and tasty swordfish steaks a real gourmet treat. Try them on the grill or in the broiler. – See more at: Omaha Steaks Swordfish Steak Deals

Offering auctions on Private Reserve Top Sirloins, Ham & Turkey, Fantastic Feast, Omaha Strips, Gift Cards, Filet Mignons, Parmesan Chicken, Top Sirloins and more!

parmesan steaks


Then if you want to eat out, DealDash has gift cards for T.G.I. FRiDAY’S, Ruby Tuesday, Buca for the popular sit-down chain restaurants in the U.S. Buca is great because it serves Italian food family-style, Ruby Tuesday has vegetarian options (try the sliders) and T.G.I. Friday’s for the sports bar feel for a get together. tgi fridaysbucaruby tuesday

For those of you who love breakfast anytime of the day there’s gift cards for IHOP.

ihop outback
Outback Steakhouse, Roy’s, Fleming’s, Carraba’s, Bonefish Grill – 5 restaurants 1 card.


Bid on  gift cards to Darden Restaurants and you have 5 restaurants to choose from: Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze and Seasons 52.

kit kats

Sweet tooth? If chocolate is what you’re after bid on these bags of Kit-Kats!

Tips for winning gift card items on DealDash

1. Remember -use buy it now!

You can always use buy it now on the item you are bidding on and get all of the bids you placed back to your bidding account to bid next time. You won’t be out anything if you do this, especially on gift cards because you were planning on eating anyway!

2. Use bid buddy!

 Bid buddy should be your go-to tool when bidding on DealDash. Just set your bids in the bidding queue and let it bid for you!


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Dyson Deals on DealDash

Need something to motivate your family members to clean? Get a Dyson, it’s the ultimate power tool of a vacuum cleaner and cleaning will be fun for everyone who uses one! Looking to save money on a new Dyson DealDash.com offers auctions for them!

Dyson Animal Digital Slim Vacuum Cleaner has a buy it now of $491 – the winning bid price on a recently ended auction was only $38.06 – 3,806 bids placed by everyone in the auction. This is a one per user item so once a user wins it they can’t win it again.
dyson animal The Dyson DC47 Animal Canister Vacuum sold for $10.94 on DealDash and retails for $533. If you spend more than $500 in bids and don’t win, be sure to buy it, and get your bids back to try again on something else! You will be spending $1033 though to get the bids back and the animal vacuum shipped to you so keep that in mind if you decide to go all in on bids!dyson deal 3 The Dyson DC56 Hardfloor Cordless vacuum cleaner retails for $245 and sold for just under $15!dyson deal 2

hepa animal dyson deals

Check out this deal on the Dyson DC41 Animal HEPA Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner in rich royal purple. Buy it now price is $450 but the winner won it for just $43.54 + bids placed. Captures pet air and dirt from carpets and bare floors.

Read these tips from a DealDash Bidder:

“I have been on Deal Dash for over 1 year and have got lot of nice things. I am also a gift card queen. Over 250 in gift cards. I agree with all of these tips. My tip is use the bid buddy and load and forget. I also watch when the auctions are running really high. I seem to win a lot of my things is early morning and around 430-5 pm eastern time. Also, if I spend a lot of bids and don’t win but like the product, I will buy and Deal dash gives me back my bids I spent trying to win. A lot of bidders do not like people who just jump the bids up and don’t use the bid buddy. We are all here to win, so play nice and have a happy win and holidays!”-wvajan


DealDash Fair Auction Guarantee: DealDash guarantees that all bids made are 100% legitimate and that strict third-party audits are performed on the bidding platform to ensure and maintain complete integrity of the auctions. Employees and immediate family members of employees are not permitted to participate in any auctions run by DealDash.

Register and get ready to win!


Do you have a Dyson? If not, which one do you want to bid on and win?

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DealDash Auctions That Offer Stylish Practicality for Less

Who says you have to be practical when you can be practical and fashionable?
rockland laguna beach Why have boring black suitcases that you can’t even recognize at baggage claim? If you win this upcoming auction for the Rockland Luggage 3-Piece Laguna Beach Spinning Luggage Set on DealDash.com you won’t have to worry about not spotting your bag, as these ones are pink with white spots!

Be sure to use buy it now if you spend a lot of money in bids and don’t win it! The buy it now price is $200 and you will get all of the bids you placed back into your account when you use DealDash’s buy it now feature.

casio womens diver watch

Stylish and waterproof! This Casio Women’s Diver Watch features colorful numbers and bright white band and face will go with any outfit! Perfect for summer fun in the sun. It also displays the date and is water resistant to 100m.


Stylish Laptop Case


Forget boring and bulk briefcases! Check out this uber stylish Solo Ladies’ Laptop Case in Espresso/Tan, upcoming on DealDash get notified of when it goes to auction! It looks like a purse and not a briefcase, but it can fit really big laptops!

  • Fits most laptops with a 15.4″ display
  • Vertical padded laptop section protects and complements your laptop.
  • Ride Along organizer pocket
    Stores important documents and helps consolidate your bags by allowing you to unzip the pocket and slip the bag over the handle of a rolling case.
  • Lavish tan lining
    Makes it easier to find items.
  • Soft rope-filled leather shoulder straps
    Stay comfortably in place.beats dr dre

Get the beats with Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr On-Ear Headphones, Neon Blue They’re stylish, and not only functional and practical but offer some of the best sound in headphones on the consumer audio market.

Beats by Dr Dre feature:

On-ear design

With a molded, flexible headband ensures comfortable wear during long listening sessions.

40mm drivers

Deliver deep bass and a low frequency range with a custom diaphragm for smooth mids and highs.

Noise isolation

Helps block ambient noise for crisp, clear sound.

Soft, leatherette earcups

Rotate up to 270° for 1-ear listening ideal for studio and performance use.

Apple® remote in-line microphone cable

Allows you to easily make and receive hands-free phone calls.

Dual-input 3.5mm jacks

Let you daisy-chain audio for easy sharing.

Metal construction

Offers durability.

Folding design and carrying case

For easy portability and storage.

What have you won on DealDash lately that is both stylish and practical? Is there anything that you would recommend for an upcoming auction? Post your ideas in the comments below!

Did you know that you can get free bids to bid on DealDash – read this post to find out how!


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Hunt for Treasure with DealDash!

metal detectorSummer is almost over, that means you could find treasure! As the crowds subside from the beaches and kids go back to school, it will be easier to find treasure buried in the sand.

Bid on this Bounty Hunter Lonestar Metal Detector w/ Free Pinpointer – $197 retail buy it now value, but you could get it for less if you win!

Bounty Hunter – Lonestar Metal Detector w/Free Pinpointer

The Lone Star metal detector is designed for a variety of applications including coin shooting, relic hunting, and general purpose detecting.

  • This Detector features identification and mode with an LCD display, which is easily read.
  • Three modes (Discriminate, Auto-Notch, and All Metal).
  • Touch Pad controls.
  • Five segment digital target identification.
  • Three tone audio feedback.
  • Standard features include a built-in speaker, headphone jack and adjustable aluminum stem with an ergonomic “S” Rod handle and armrest.
  • All this is backed by Bounty Hunter’s exclusive Five-year limited warranty.

Find a diamond ring or a golden chalice, maybe even a relic from the past washed ashore from a sunken ship. Check out this National Geographic article on 10 Fascinating Amateur Metal-Detector Finds.

Want to find more treasure? Visit the Crater Diamond State Park in Arkansas. It’s the only diamond producing park in the world open to the public.

In this park you have the chance to search over 37 1/2 acres of plowed field, an eroded surface of an ancient volcanic crater that 100 million years ago brought to the surface the diamonds and some of the semi-precious lucky visitors find here today.

“Diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. The three colors unearthed here are white, brown and yellow, in that order. Crater of Diamonds State Park is a rock hound’s delight since, along with diamonds, more than 40 types of rocks and minerals can found here, too. These rocks and minerals include lamproite, amethyst, banded agate, jasper, peridot, garnet, quartz, calcite, barite, and hematite.”


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Treat Yourself to a Spa Day for Less With These DealDash Deals

water lily lotusDon’t get too busy working that you don’t take care of yourself! If you don’t have time for a vacation, be sure to fit in some time each day to pamper yourself, drink water, eat a healthy meal and do things to feel better and be healthy.

If you think spa treatments are costly, which they are, you can definitely treat yourself to a new beauty routine for significantly less thanks to these items featured on DealDash’s penny auctions.

1. Take care of your skin.

Your skin is the biggest organ of your body, take care of it.

skin care system

This Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher 7-Piece is offered on DealDash.com. It boasts these features:

Rapid Rotating technology

Safely removes dirt, makeup and oil from most skin types for effective deep-cleaning. Clear Complexion technology helps beautify your skin.

Dermal penetrating action

Helps ensure skin care products (not included) are absorbed quickly.

Facial and body brushes

Promote soft skin.

Facial buffer

Provides microdermabrasion to help minimize fine lines and dark spots for a smooth, even complexion.

Pumice stone

Helps exfoliate and soften rough areas.

Water-resistant design

Permits use in the shower or bath or at the sink

- See more at: SpaSonic Skin Brush Deals at DealDash.com
dr scholls bubbling foot bath deals

2. Relax after a long day, or anytime with this Dr. Scholls Bubbling Toe Touch Foot Spa

The Dr. Scholls DRFB7012B1 Bubbling Toe Touch Foot Spa delivers an invigorating bubble massage to revive tired feet. Smart heat keeps water warm for soothing relief On/Off setting Relaxing acupressure pad attachment.

Waterproof toe-touch control located to help prevent spills and make setting changes easy with a touch of a finger or toe Splash guard – See more at: Dr. Scholl’s Bubbling Toe Touch Foot Spa Deals on DealDash .

satiny smooth shaver3. Shaving – it’s not fun, but you really know you need to do it. Especially if you wear summer sun dresses, shorts and skirts. Shaving makes your skin so much softer! The Conair – Satiny Smooth Women’s Rechargeable Shaver – Spa Green Enjoy a comfortable, smooth shave with this rechargeable wet/dry shaver that features twin independent foil cutters and foils. Product Features – See more at: Conair Satiny Smooth Shaver Deals.

4. A real spa day, for much less?!

spa finder gift card dealsIn case you really just need  hands-off treatment. Perhaps a facial, a massage or a spa mani/pedi, or a haircut. DealDash can help you too! With these auctions for a 25 Bids + $25 Spa Finder Gift Card.

The flexibility of a SpaFinder Gift Certificate allows you to choose the services, the products and the location that is right for you. They are redeemable at close to 5,000 day, medical and destination resort spas worldwide. With so many treatment options and spa types available, a SpaFinder Gift Certificate makes the perfect gift for anyone!

Spa Finder Gift Card Deals on DealDash

What are some of your favorite spa day tools or treatments at the spa?

Photo Credits: Kai Yan, Joseph Wong Flickr. CC Attribution

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DealDash App Let’s You Bid On DealDash When You’re On the Go!

dealdash smartphone app

On the go and don’t have the time to sit on your computer and watch auctions on DealDash? You can take DealDash with you wherever you go with the DealDash App if you have an Android powered smartphone.

Check out these screenshots to see how the app will display DealDash on your smartphone or tablet. Give it a try if you have a smartphone running on Android.

You can find the DealDash.com bidding app in the Google Play store.

dealdash android app

Don’t have a smartphone, or want to buy a new one? Did you know that you can save money on a brand new smartphone if you win one on DealDash?

What is DealDash?

DealDash is online shopping with a fun twist. DealDash offers deals on items via fast paced “auctions,” users must first register to bid on the site, purchase the opportunity to join in and bid to win with “bid packs.” Bids cost $0.60 a piece unless you purchase bids when there’s a promo sale running (note bids in your first bid pack purchase will cost $0.60 each, then you can get the discount on subsequent purchases). Auctions run around-the-clock with new items being added all the time. The auctions each have countdown timers, but unlike eBay, these auctions are in reverse. The timer counts down, until someone places a bid then the timer resets and counts down again. The winning bidder is the bidder who is unopposed when the timer hits 0 and the auction ends! Winners pay the auction’s final end price + any bids placed and purchased and no shipping costs! DealDash partners with trusted retailers like Amazon.com and Best Buy to deliver your brand-new, manufacturer’s warranted items fast!

Mobile Bidding Tips for DealDash Bidders on the Go

  •  When you’re on the move and still able to bid on DealDash.com on your smartphone or tablet be sure to remember these tips!
  • 1. Don’t bid while in the subway… you never know when you could hit a dead spot or go underground and lose service.
  • 2. On a plane. While super convenient and usually pretty good, Wi-Fi in the air may not be reliable. Plus if the auction goes on, it could be time to land and you’re still bidding. Be careful, you’d lose.
  • 3. While crossing an intersection. May seem obvious, but so many people are seen on their smartphones while crossing the street. Just don’t.
  • 4. Absolutely do not bid while driving. You could be putting your life or someone else’s at risk. Be save and bid when you’re parked.
  • 5. While out with friends or on a date… Ok, unless your friends or significant other know about your bidding habits and are cool with it… Don’t be rude!
  • 6. When your device’s battery is low. Make sure it’s charged and can be readily plugged in if need be, We all know how long those auctions can go for!
  • 7. When you should be working… Make that money then spend it! Don’t bid at work, it won’t end well if your boss finds out.

Check out these recently ended deals for new smartphones! DealDash also offers auctions for accessories such as Otterbox and LifeProof cases.

This Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III – Mini smartphone *unlocked* sold to Hcnakartal for only $7.60! 760 bids were placed by all participants. This is a one-per-user item, meaning once you win it you can’t win the same item again when it’s offered in a future auction.

galaxy s3 deals-dealash


The Buy it Now Price – by the way, you can buy any auction that’s running for the listed Buy it Now price and get all of your bids back if you’ve placed any in the auction! Your bids will be returned to your bid balance and your item shipped free.

This brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE Mobile Phone (Unlocked) in purple sold for $35.78 to doctorx1. 3,578 bids were placed by all bidders in this auction and this is, like the S3 mini, a one-per-user item.
galaxy s4A Brand New LG Nexus 5 4G Cell Phone (Unlocked*), White sold for $34.84 to bidder decent11!

The LG Nexus 5 cell phone’s display features a capacitive touch interface, so you can easily navigate on-screen content, and displays 16M colors to ensure vibrant images. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows wireless pairing with a wide range of devices.

Where are you when you bid on DealDash, and on what devices do you use?



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Bid On Win What Your Family Needs on DealDash

There are so many things on DealDash… you might look at it and say, ooh yes I want a new iPad, or I want a big screen TV to watch football this season, want, want, want. You could go on and on, but did you know that DealDash actually has items that you really actually need and buy on a daily basis? Let’s start with a few household necessities!

DealDash actually offers items that you need. For instance, let’s say you frequently dine in and love to cook. You could use a new knife set, spatulas, pots & pans, or maybe after all of the cooking and then after – dish washing, your dish washer broke and you are in desperate need of a new one. Sure you can, and have been, known to wash your dishes by hand, but do you realize how much time you could save if you didn’t have to?

This is where winning a brand new dishwasher could come in handy!danby dishwasher

DealDash currently offers auctions on two different portable, space saving dishwashers. This Danby 8-Place Setting Energy Star Portable Dishwasher can fit a capacity of up to an 8-place setting with a silverware basket. It also includes  a stainless steel spray arm and finished interior allowing for easy cleaning. It also includes an automatic detergent dispenser and a built-in water softener system. The casters on this device allow for easy portability. At only 25.98″ x 17.7″, this dishwasher can easily fit into even cramped kitchen spaces. Save money on your energy bills, too! This dishwasher is Energy Star Efficient. – the buy it now price is $592 but one ended on July 1st for only $3.02 meaning only 302 bids were placed by all bidders!

bella dots slow cooker



Another need is a slow cooker! Did you know that a slow cooker is a great way to enjoy healthy home cooked meals without having to wait hours for something to cook when you are hungry? Just set up the slow cooker and fill it with what you want – from potato casseroles to soups, brisket, roasts and more, and let it cook for you! It can be set from 30 minutes to 20 hours in advance. The warm setting will also keep your food heated before serving. You can get creative, too, there are tons of recipes online for slow cooker recipes.

- See more at: http://www.dealdash.com/battle.php?auction_id=2451892#sthash.zuofRpoR.dpuf






tide podsIf you wear clothes chances are you will need to wash your clothes! Tide offers these easy, no-mess detergent pods! DealDash sells them in their auctions, plus at just around $13 buy it now, if you don’t win you can buy it, get them shipped to you free and get the bids you placed back into your account.





Ah, the feeling of freshly washed or brand new bed sheets. Crisp, cool and super comfy! You can’t beat that feeling. Who doesn’t love new sheets?sheet setIsabella Black and White Collection Sheet Set is a perfect addition to the bedroom and you can win it for less by bidding on this item and other sheet sets on DealDash!

What do you bid on at DealDash that you consider a necessity? Tell us about it in the comments section here! 

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