12 Days To Nascar With DealDash!!!

So you are a big Nascar fan? Well, join the club!  I have notice that Deal Dash has everything you need to get tail gating in style at Daytona!!! Did I just say Daytona?! Woot Woot!! only 12 days until Daytona!!

grill smoker 142Here is what you need to know about tailgating with Deal Dash! First the greatest things they have are the exceptional variety of grills. You can be that guy who has the incredible smoker/grill and has the charcoal to smoke the whole parking lot.  Or you can be the guy who has the small Quisinart Gas Grill, it still gets the job done, but it doesn’t have the demanding impact of the big charcoal grill.

cuisinart port gas grill 212The best thing you can do is get all your buddies involved, defer the costs, get them to go to Deal Dash because for every friend you refer to Deal Dash they will reward you both with 10% off your next purchase.  It’s always great to be appreciated and Deal Dash recognizes when you bring a friend on board that it’s time for a reward.

wild dome tent 78No one can go to Daytona without a tent!  You  will be pleasantly surprised to see the variety of tents they have at Deal Dash, you can go for the low priced tent which should sell for pennies on the dollar or for the high end tent that could last for hours or days! It doesn’t really matter which tent you have, all that matters is that you are at DAYTOA!

fest cooler 74Don’t forget the cooler!  Deal Dash has just about every cooler you could dream of.  the best of these to me is the model with wheels!! There is something to be said about a cooler you can move all around the parking lot with ease.  There is no better way to make friends that a nice cold one!

feat gazeboIf you are a real die-hard you will need this screen tent which serves as a great place for the crew as well as a nice comfortable place to have dinner at your tail gaiting party! Any of these prizes I would put on the “easy to win” list.  I’ve personally won three of four of these items for less than $5.00 each.

One of my best pieces of advice is, if you didn’t win it by your “limit” let it go, someone wants it more. So I do give up after a certain price because I’m not willing to spend more than a certain price for the item.  Especially if I don’t plan on Binning (Buy It Now) the item, why would I spend more bids than needed to get for a great deal.  If I don’t win this one for 30-50 bids, I may very well win the next one for that amount.  I see it all the time.  There are a group  of bidder who only bid in the first 50 bids or so, they win a lot.  You’ll get to know them quickly because they bid in every auction and leave early.  Keep them in mind, they are easy to outbid!

Well, here is is Nascar Season, finally!! Go to Deal Dash, find your tail-gating items and win, with a little strategy, a little luck and good timing these items can be yours! Keep in mind every item you bid on at Deal Dash that you don’t win can be purchased and all your bids returned, so don’t walk away empty-handed!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Find Your Hobbies at DealDash

If you’re wondering if you can find your hobby at DealDash the answer is probably yes!  DealDash has been adding a lot of new and really cool items for the hobbyist.   So you’ve been thinking of joining DealDash, and now is a great time to win these new and exciting items.  I

If you’re on a bidding budget, you can parlay your other wins into bids with the DealDash exchange offer.  Any items you win can be exchanged for bids instead of the prize.  It’s a great way to stretch the budget if you won something you don’t necessarily need.  This happens all the time. You get caught up in a new auction because it’s fresh and exciting, then suddenly you invested 20 bids and won!  Then you scratch your head and say, “what am I going to do with this?” “I know!” exchange it for bids, you don’t get the prize but you do get the value place by DealDash back in bids.  Keep in mind if you choose the exchange option, you are not eligible for the Buy It Now (BIN) option to purchase theitem and get your bids back.  

dd bounty hunter 196If biking isn’t your cup of tea, there are other fun and useful items you can win to enjoy free time with your hobby.  One such fun and fast-paced auction is the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector which is valued at $196 and sells on average for $16.57, that is an incredible deal and if you don’t win, just use the BIN to purchase it and get your bids back.  


dd yogaSo you prefer a more Zen like hobby you can find this Sivan 6-piece Youg Kit complete with everything you need to begin and for the seasoned yoga master. This is a new items with a lot of interest so the average price is around $22, but only sold twice, once for $1.56 and once for about $21. so this items could end anywhere in-between. 

dd tech nicon camera 1350And photography is another great hobby item at DealDash, you can find cameras ranging from about $50 to $1000 and they always have a great crowd in them. The best thing to do with the camera is to watch a couple of auction, check the average prices, and definitely see what is trending on the Winner’s List at the top of the main page at DealDash.  

Whatever your hobby you can find a great variety of tools to help you enjoy life.  Don’t forget your favorite hobby, and that’s DealDash, I know it is, and if you are new go try it! You are going to have a new favorite hobby!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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Winning Technology at DealDash!

Winning Technology items at DealDash is, well let’s face it, very difficult, it requires strategy and patience.  You must plan accordingly.  By planning you have watched a few auctions, you’ve learned a good chunk of the player’s habits.  You are completely loaded up with bids and you stay focused on the prize.  You can try to win right away as a newbie, and you might “get lucky” that happens all the time, but rarely on computers.  I know, I’ve been in a dozen technology auctions, I’ve won a computer for 50% off, but it didn’t happen my first day out.  

This all sound easy enough, but don’t be fooled, you can easily be distracted by someone or something.  I have lost auctions just by turning my head for a second.  I’ve also accidentally hit the “cancel bids” button instead of the “add bids” and have recently lost an auction that way.  My point is, anyone can win, and anyone can lose.  

Visit-Site12 (1)

So you want to go for the iPad or a MacBook Pro or perhaps a cell phone, DealDash has a wonderful variety of these items and you can always find one to bid on or one in cheque for later.  Any items at DealDash that you find and isn’t up for auction yet has a button to have DD alert you when it is coming on the market, use the “Alert Me” button,  simply open an individual auction and click on the Alert Me button on the bottom of the page.  DealDash will let you know when the item is coming up for auction.  They will send you an email a day or so before, then the day of and when the item goes live.  They really want you to have every opportunity to win it.  I love the attitude at DealDash it’s genuine and they really want us to win.  These items take time to win and the higher the price the higher the demand.  Everyone wants to win the $1000 computer for 5 dollars, but don’t count on it, then when it does happen you can be extremely excited.  The best advice I can give you to win these popular items is to load up on bids, for a computer it could take 1000 or more.  

One of the best parts about winning from DealDash is you don’t have to go to the mall, you don’t even have to get out of your pajamas!  Also, every item is delivered FREE.  Each item qualifies you for posting for free bids.  Every item qualifies to BIN and get all your bids back.  If you don’t win, just purchase the item and DealDash is happy to give you your bids back.  Every item will sell, you just want to be the lucky person who won!With any item at DealDash you could get lucky and win it right away, just keep in mind these average selling prices change on a daily basis, so do the math.  On the auction page, add up the selling prices and divide by the amount of items sold, it’s usually nine. That is the average selling price for that point in time.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! 

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Everyone Can Get Free Bids Every Week at DealDash!

If you’ve tried DealDash, you love it, but like everyone, you have run out of bids before you won the auction.  This can be devastating if it’s your last bids and you watch the clock wind down, 3..2..1 lost, out of bids.

There are a few ways to get yourself loaded up with free bids from DealDash and that’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  When you win anything at DealDash, take a photo of yourself holding the item.  Don’t leave the it in the box, it’s against the guidelines for free bids.  Snap the photo! Then, you will need to make a Pinterest Board for your DealDash wins and call it “Deals at DealDash” there you will keep a running album of your wins and you can see at any time how many free bids you got from DealDash. You do also need a Facebook and twitter account.  

Deal Dash is the only site, that I know of, that will reward you for a prize under 200 dollars with 50 free bids for an item on Pinterest and 50 for a tweet.  Then you can get another 50 bids for posting to Facebook.  If your item is valued over $200.00 you qualify for 200 Free Bids from Facebook, and 50 each twitter and Pinterest.  So here is the greatest part of this, if you won your item for less than 200 bids and then you get 200 free bids for posting you photo, you will actually be bidding for free!  DealDash is the best site for rewards.

Visit-Site12 (1)

In addition to the 50 to 200 bids for posting on those there sites, once you submit a photo over $200 you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing for 1000 free bids.  Yes! 1000 bids goes to the best photo of the week, so make your photo count.  Smile, and  make sure you have good lighting, and try not to use the flash.  The only way to be entered in the 1000 bids a week contest is by posting a photo, so click away!

Some sites only reward for one photo, some sites reward a few bids,  and then there are the sites who only let you post one win a month.  There is also a site out there that has everyone post and only a lucky few get the bids. DealDash makes it worth your while, everyone’s while! DealDash not only gives free bids, they genuinely want you to win.  If we are winning, they win.  

Check out the DealDash Facebook page, see other photos and you’ll get an idea how to pose and get the best photos, check out past winners, you’ll see a common thread, they are all clear photos, bright and smiling faces, you can do that for some free bids!  I enjoy seeing the winners and their items.  Post and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

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Know the Lingo at DealDash

If you are new to DealDash you have scratched your head about the terminology used by other players in the comments and even DealDash themselves.  This is a list of words or phrases that are commonly used at DealDash and the definition.

Visit-Site12 (1)

Auctions-The home page at DealDash displays all the auctions available for bidding or purchase,  and it has pages of upcoming auctions available.  Using these pages is the best way to shop for the auctions you’ll wish to participate in. 

Auctions, Individual– Each auction has it’s own page where the stats of the auction are available, how many players, who they are, their stats and comments.  This is also where you will find the Bid Buddy.

Banner– The banner on the top of the home page is where you will find the current cost of bids and any sales available.  Sales include 50% off final price, Free Auction Wins and holiday specials.  Check the banner daily, it changes very early in the morning.  

Bidding-The act of placing bids in an auction for real, everyday items.

Bids-Bids are the currency of the site, you need them to play.  They range in price with an average cost of .15 cents each. Purchase bids to join auctions.

Bid Count Meter-This displays your available bids.  When you have bids on your Bid Buddies, they are subtracted from this total. You can see this in two places, top right of page and lower left of page.  You can also get a bid count in your account details. 

Buy Bids Tabs– There are three, one is on the top of the auctions page right next to your bid count meter, one is at the bottom on the left of the auctions page, it looks like a little credit card, and there is one on your dashboard. 

Buy It Now (BIN)-At any time during an auction you can opt out and purchase the item at regular retail price.  Any bids you used in that auction will be immediately credited to your account. 

Bid Buddy– The most reliable tool at DealDash, it is the best way to set up a determined amount of bids to be placed for you in the order you joined the auction.  If there are 7 players using Bid Buddy, it will place a bid for you every 7th turn, the only thing between you and the other players is the number of bids you place.  The one who places the last bid is the winner.  

Dashboard-Your dashboard is essential to keeping track of all your plays, wins and purchases.  There is a comprehensive list of the items you are bidding on currently and how many bids you have placed.  This is where you find all your information, public profile, bids placed, account information. You will find your dashboard on the top and bottom of the page. 

DealDasher– One who plays, shops and saves at DealDash.

Final Price– When an auction ends the number of bids placed by all players determines the final price.  If 9576 bids are placed the final price is $95.76. If one bid wins, the final price is .01 cents.  

Free Bid Meter-“Time as highest bidder” (level) is determined by the (number of bids you place)( times)( about 9 seconds for each bid).  The meter ticks up your time and when you’ve reached the appropriate number of bids for your current level you are rewarded with free bids.  Each level increases the number of bids you claim, for example if you are at level 43 you will claim 650 bids and it goes up with each level of play you achieve.  

Jumping-A player who places a bid before the $5 cut off and then leaves the auction only to return later and jump in. Get to know who does this and wait until they jump in.  Jumper– One who jumps

Public Profile– You may have a comment displayed under your Avatar, you can edit it from your Public Profile tab located on the left hand side of your dashboard. All comments are approved by DealDash staff and have guidelines that include, among other things, not being threatening with your statement.  It’s meant to give some personality to the Avatar.  Auctions can be won and lost with these comments, pay close attention. 

Stomping-Stomping  plain and simple is the worst offense of a DealDasher. It is a reckless and thoughtless storm of bids being throw into an auction.  This rapid-fire bidding is an attempt to scare everyone away and as a result win the auction. Stomper- One who stomps

User Name-The name everyone sees when you are playing DealDash, you’ll want this to be creative and expressive.  Some people use their actual name or a combination of letters and numbers. 

“Who’s on their limit?”– This is a tab found on your Dashboard.  It gives you a real-time list of all the players who have reached their winning limit. It costs one bid to buy 12 hours of real-time limits. 

Winning Limit– Your win limit meter is located in the upper right hand side of the Auctions Page, there are 9 notches.   You may win 9 items at Deal Dash each week.  Once you have reached your limit for the week your win meter will be empty. Your meter will be recharged on the same day every week and is determined by the day of the week you join DealDash. 

Winner’s list-A real-time list of all the wins, a picture of the item with a description, who won it and what they paid for it.  It also displays the winners Avatar.

Happy Bidding!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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If You Have Pets, You Need DealDash!

Every day our pets are there for us, now we can be there for them with the help of DealDash.  There you will find so many pet items, I love it!  My favorite item at DealDash for my pet is the Gibi Pet GPS valued at $123, but the average selling price is $20.12 it’s for a dog or cat (or any animal) GPS device that you attach to their collar and use an app to find them.  This would have been a particularly fantastic item if I only had it two years ago.  On that night, it was Christmas Eve, my family decided to shoot off some firecrackers before they told anyone.  

Before I knew it, my darling Stella the Sheltie, was gone! She ran off scared by the explosions.  If only I had a GIBI on her she would not have spent the night wandering around the neighborhood before she was found… the day after Christmas!  

It was the worst Christmas of my life knowing my little Stellie was lost in the neighborhood somewhere.  There was so much snow and it broke my heart knowing she was sleeping in a snow pile somewhere.   We did find her, and now she owns a Gibi.  I was never so happy to see any creature in my whole life!  

Visit-Site12 (1)

DealDash carries a variety of pet beds for your dog and your cat.  You can’t go wrong trying to win any of these items at DealDash, you can try to win it, but because you need it, if you don’t win it with the retail value of bids, then buy it! If you buy it and you’ve bid on it, you will get all your bids back.  Just remember to use the exchange bids rewards that best suits your needs, for example the most bids.  By this I mean, if you have tried to win an item a few times and then decided to purchase it, use the auction with the most bids used for your exchange, it’s the only way to capitalize on your used bids.

There are crates, play towers and pee pee pads to help you train your pet. If you have a cat, you know how much they love to climb.  I have one of these cat habitats and my kitties love it!

You should bathe your pet often depending on the breed, I have a couple of Chihuahuas, so weekly, and life is so much easier if you have a bathing tub for your dog or cat.  DealDash carries this very useful Pet Bathing Utility. 

You can find vacuums and accessories, pet beds, toys, feeding apparatus and just about.This unit is perfect for: French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Jack Russell, Papillon, Welsh Corgi, Miniature Schnauzer, Beagle, Cavalier King, Pug,  American Eskimo Dog and Sheltie. It comes with 2 year warranty. Made in the USA. Tub dimensions 16-3/4 inch (wide) x 33 inch (long) x 10 inch (deep). Leg foot print – 27 inch (wide) x 42 inch (long). 23 inch off floor, 25 inch at ‘U’ entrance, 32 inch to rim of tub, when assembled.

Every day of every week, and every hour you can shop at DealDash for any pet item you need.  Here’s the fun part, you are at DealDash, you might win it for a few pennies, you had a lot of fun trying to acquire it and if you won it you are psyched! If you didn’t win it you bought it and got all your bids back for the other item you needed.

DealDash never lets you down when it comes to your pets!  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! 

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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Winning Features At DealDash

It’s always fun to play at DealDash, but lately, it’s been even easier to win with all the new features DealDash has in place.  My favorite new feature is the “Alert Me” Button.  Any time you shop is time you’ve spent, but with the “Alert Me” button, you only have to shop once.  If the item you are interested in is not on the market but you found it in your search, you can select the option to have DealDash send you an email when it comes up for sale. Easy Peasy!

However, my new favorite feature changes on a daily basis, another great new feature is the “1” in the upper left hand corner of an item on the Auction page, this alerts the player this item can only be won once.  This is a great feature because once someone has won this item, they are out of your way!  DealDash will list the winners and what they paid for an item right on the open auction page, so that is also a great tool when deciding if you want to join an auction.

Visit-Site12 (1)

At DealDash you can win 9 items every week.  It used to be that you could only win three items over $200 a week, but now all nine of your prizes each week can be over 200! That’s huge! Just keep in mind the prizes over $200 usually have a lot more bidders and take longer to close, be prepared to hang in there.

Another new feature is the increased variety of high end furniture DealDash has added to the site.  Recently I spotted a $14,450.00 Massage Chair! I’ve never see any item that amazing before, and although that is unusual, you can always find something for your home that has hight ticket prices.  More items means more winners and you can find so many great items.

The “Who’s At Their Limit” tab has saved me so many bids!  If I really want to go for something and my nemesis is in the auction, someone I know will overbid or join the auction late costing me bids.  With the limit tab I can see if my oppononent is already out of the game.  It’s so convenient.

Don’t underestimate the power of free bids!  Everyone likes free bids and at DealDash they give you free bids every time you place a bid.  The more bids you place the more free bids you get.

Lastly, everyone has a camera, so take a picture! Post a photo to the DealDash Facebook page, and your pic could be selected to win 1000 free bids!  Every Monday at DealDash they give one lucky player 1000 bids for posting their wins, so take a photo.  Don’t forget to “Like” the fb page so you get notifications when someone wins. DealDash has the best features for playing and shopping, they have a genuine and constant interest in improving their site and making your playing experience more enjoyable.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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DealDash Tips: We’re All In This Together!

Here’s the thing… we love to play DealDash, we love winning, we love the fireworks explosion every time we win, it all so exciting! Often we will wish our competitor would just go away, but the truth is without them it would just be shopping.  The real excitement comes by beating someone else out of the deal of the day.  

So this is what I suggest, be kind to your fellow player.  Don’t jump into an auction after someone has placed 3000 bids, it’s not nice.  I like to play fair and if I see that kind of effort, I will back down.  I most likely won’t be spending my life savings, as they are, so I’m good!  There is an exception to that rule, if you have jumped me in the past you will be jumped by me.  I keep a notebook and I hope you do to.

All things considered, we are in this together, we all want a good deal.  Here’s another idea, if a fellow player has 8 of 9 wins, let them have it!  They are out of the field and you are clear to bid on another item they were in.  

Visit-Site12 (1)

The truth is, we can be friendly to each other, or we can be a real jerk,  the choice is yours, but if you choose to play dirty, expect to be treated like dirt.  I’m not saying all DealDashers are  reckless, but there are a few notorious over bidders, stompers and jumpers. There is no way around it, Just do your homework, it will pay off in the end.

For the love of DealDash, use your Bid Buddy! The kindest thing you can do for your fellow Dasher is use your Bid Buddy.  It’s the best way to conserve bids and stay in the game without making your competitors angry.  You might think it’s okay to bully by bidding every other bid, but it will just come back to haunt you. Some players will stomp right back and then there is a price raising frenzy in play, it’s just a sad waste of bids, and the greatest part is the guy who was using the Bid Buddy will win because he didn’t miss or skip a beat.  

Some items require a great amount of time and effort, it takes patience and thought.  Don’t be that guy who bangs in a bid after every player, you are canceling yourself out and wasting your money.  

Overall, we should strive to be fair to our competitors, you want to win, but do you really need to beat them up?  In the grand scheme of things, you want to win, so just use your Bid Buddy because we are all in this together!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!! 

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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Up-ing Your Game at DealDash

There is no better way to start the New Year than to make a resolution to be a better player at DealDash.  There are so many ways to “up your game” with the help of new features in place.  As well as being a better player, you will save money and time if you follow a few small steps.

The best way to up your game at DealDash is the good old fashioned way and that is to use your Bid Buddy. The Bid Buddy ensures you only use your “share” of bids, if you don’t use it and you just poke your bids in you double-bid, over-bid and waste money.  The Bid Buddy is so easy to set up, all you have to do is go to the individual auction click in the field “add bids”, put in the number of bids you believe will take to win the auction then sit back and relax, the last man bidding is the winner, all the while you are earning free bids from the Time As High Bidder Meter.

Another way to up your game is to bookmark the auctions you want to win, instead of going rogue, plan ahead!  You can look up to a day in advance for items you wish to win.  Click on the little white star in the upper right hand corner of an item, the star will turn yellow and you’ll know you have it marked.  Then the item will come to the top of your page and you can clearly see the items you want to win and avoid bidding on random items you don’t really want.  

Visit-Site12 (1)

I used to try to win bid packs all the time, but then I figured out everyone wants to win the bid packs, so the problem is they are a crowded field and harder to win, suddenly you are out of bids and have nothing to show for it.  Remember though, no matter what you bid on, including bid packs,  if you don’t win it you can purchase it and get all your bids back.  So you could essentially buy you bid pack, get those bids and the bids you used to win it, so it’s a perpetual quest for bids.  Again, some players find that to be fun and exciting.  I prefer to go for merchandise because you have something and you can post to Facebook for free bids as bid packs are not permitted in that promotion.  

Hold your game close, by this I mean don’t share your strategy with the other players in you personal profile comment.  Right out of the gate you are telling your hand.  If your comment is “I’ll be back”  we know that, so when they come back watch carefully while they use up their bids and then you go back too.  This is a very popular strategy, so when auction wins are free they tend to go on longer and have more bidders.  Likewise, if their comment is something like “In it to BIN it” and they are bidding on a $14,000 item it is unlikely they are going to BIN it and they are just blowing smoke.   Use the comment to say something other than strategy, like “Hi!” or “From Atlanta!” 

Use the “Who’s At Their Limit” tab, it costs one bid, but that information is so useful and once you start using it, you’ll see why.  It’s great to know “so-n-so” is out of the field, he may have poked in one bid t an auction you bookmarked, now you’re thinking “I don’t want to battle this guy again” but if you check the list he might be gone and you have less to think about.  People reach their limit all the time, and if you up your game, you can too. 

Get caught up on who’s winning what on the “Winner’s List”, this information isn’t just for your enjoyment, although it is fun to read, it a wealth of information.  I call it, “what’s trending” I look to see WHO is bidding, WHAT that have won, and the PRICE they paid for it, if everyone is overbidding, it might not be a good time to dive in. Be smart!

Buy bids when they are on sale, watch the blogs and the Facebook page to see when they are selling bids of .12 cents, and buy in bulk.  Sit on your bids until your favorite items come on the market.  Don’t spread yourself too thin by bidding on too many items at once you are opening yourself for failure, they odd are more likely that you will miss something, or forget to go back, there are so many things that can go wrong when you bid on many items at once….the worst of all, running out of bids quickly,  bidding randomly and furiously only get’s you “bid crazy” and out of luck.  

Know who you are playing against.  Getting to know the competition takes time so watch auctions, yes just watch, you will learn the habits of people, see if they spread themselves too thin and gobble up bids.  You will also see who jumps, stomps and overbids. With  that in mind you can up your game. 

So, no matter who you are, you are on the same playing field as the other players and anyone can win an auction with thought, planning, conservation and a crafty nondescript comment and know the competition! 

Over time you will learn and develop your strategy and this is all part of the fun at DealDash. 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

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DealDash Tips: So You’re Out Of Bids?

If you love DealDash, like everyone, you have run out of bids before you won the auction.  This can be devastating if it’s your last bids and you watch the clock tick away, tick, tick, tick..and then you’re out of bids.

There are three ways to get yourself loaded up with free bids from DealDash and that is Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  When you win anything at DealDash, take a photo of your or your family holding the opened item.  Don’t leave the item in the box, it’s against the guidelines for free bids.  Take a photo! You will need to make a Pinterest Board for your DealDash wins and call it “Deals at DealDash” there you will keep a running album of your wins and you can see at any time how many free bids you got from DealDash.

DealDash is the only site, that I know of, that will reward you with 50 free bids for an item on Pinterest and 50 for a tweet.  Then you can get another 50 bids for posting to Facebook.  If your item is valued over $200.00 you qualify for 200 Free Bids.  So here is the greatest part of this, if you won your item for less than 200 bids and then you get 200 free bids for posting you photo, you will actually be bidding for free!  DealDash is the best site for rewards.

On top of the 50 to 200 bids for posting on those there sites, once you submit a photo over $200 you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing for 1000 free bids.  Yes! 1000 bids goes to the best photo of the week, so make your photo count.  Smile, have the item out of the box, make sure you have good lighting and don’t use a flash.  If you have to, go outdoors to take the photo.

Other sites only reward for one photo, some sites reward a few bids,  and then there are the sites who only let you post one win a month.  If you can’t get free bids, why bother? Deal Dash not only gives free bids, they genuinely want you to win.  If we are winning, they win.  So take your item to the HILL! Get your item for less than 200 bids and you’re bidding free!

Getting free bids is something you can do once a week, and every Monday someone is rewarded with the 1000 free bids, but the only people who win the bids are the ones who post photos of wins.

You can read the full guidelines by copying this link https://www.facebook.com/notes/dealdash/win-a-1000-bid-pack-best-photo-of-the-week-contest/516698678344803, and be sure to use this link in your post. See how much you can save at: www.dealdash.com/join.php?utm_source=customer%20testimonials&utm_medium=pictures&utm_campaign=facebook

If you have won something at DealDash,  take a pic, go to Facebook, start your Pinterest Board and tweet you wins to free bids at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

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