Give Thanks! What Are You Thankful For?

6343226130_dc563835f8_zThanksgiving is tomorrow, November 27, 2014.  And while ’tis the season for yummy goodies, pies, cakes, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the like, it’s also the time to really reflect and give thanks. There are ways to reflect and be grateful for what we have every single day.

Here are a few of my favorite thanksgiving quotes!

1.      “We can lift ourselves and others as well, when we refuse to remain in the realm of negative thought and cultivate within our hearts an attitude of gratitude.” –Thomas S. Monson

2.      “Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way.” –Native American saying

3.      “Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” –Maya Angelou

4.  “For each new morning with its light, for rest and shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything thy goodness sends. I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and new.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

5.  “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” –Oprah Winfrey

We all have so many things to be thankful for! Friends, family, loved ones, pets, sunshine, cold, warmth, snow, rain! Some of these may not be liked very much, especially if you have to shovel the snow, but! Remember that all of these things are here for a reason and we need to be thankful for them!

Give thanks for… a warm bed, food in your cabinets, clean water, reliable transportation – your car or public transit, deals on items on Black Friday so you can get the things you want and need and still save money for other things like experiences! Save up and plan a trip for 2015, make it an epic one! Hike Machu Picchu, or relax on an island in the sun. Sometimes the best things money can buy are not things at all, but experiences that broaden your mind and help you to see the world in a new way!

What are some of the things you’re thankful for? Would it be the items you have been able to win on DealDash this year, did you win auctions with free bids? New connections and friendships? Experiences? Your job and other opportunities? Share with us what you’re thankful for!

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How to Bid on DealDash

One reader recently told us that they found out about DealDash on a TV commercial, but still doesn’t understand how it all works.

If you watch the commercial below you will see how the bidders say they won items for $100, iPhone for $8, a lot of items for less than $50, and so on. All great deals, but the end price includes all bids placed on the item. So how does it work and how can you save money by bidding on DealDash?

1. First, you need to register on and purchase bids.

When you register and choose a username you do have a choice to purchase a bid pack, but you are not required to. Bids cost $0.60 each with your initial bid pack. If you purchase additional bid packs during a bid promo your bids will be significantly cheaper.

For instance, this week on Black Friday Week on DealDash bids are discounted and are currently $0.15 each. It’s better to buy bids when there are promotions because then you will have an advantage bidding against bidders who just have their initial bid pack or $0.60 bids!

2. Understand the bidding process!

Know how DealDash works! It’s an auction site unlike the traditional auction format you’ve become accustomed to. All auctions start at $0 and each bid raises the price of the end price (the price that a bidder will pay if they win) by one cent $0.01. You can place a bid and a bidder can place a bid over you and with each bid placed the auction clock is reset by 10 seconds. So if it’s at 2 seconds and you feel like you’re going to win it could be really frustrating to see a bidder bid over you and add more time on the clock> This is how penny auctions work and why sites like DealDash enable bidders to get great deals on new laptops, cameras, iPads and so much more!

Have you bid on

As seen in the below commercial some bidders have won over 100 items on DealDash!


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Ways to Save Both Time & Money!

Whether you’re running to classes or trying to cram in online courses, rushing kids to school or always on the go working. You could benefit greatly by saving both valuable time and money with these time saving tips and organization tool deals!

Did you know that procrastination can easily be avoided? There are easy ways that you can stop making the excuse that you’re too busy to eat healthy, do more, workout, finish your assignments or get more e-mails sent and calls made each day!

1. Everyone likes food! 

slow cooker dealsSave time and start eating healthy!

Prep your meals and store them in glass storage containers in your refrigerator. Prep everything but the fresh veggies, salad and starchy sides that can easily be added later. That way when you’re hungry all you have to do is take your main dish out of the fridge, heat and add your sides and a green salad! Or you can start by using the crockpot to make delicious pastas, soups, brisket and casseroles. Start your food in a slow cooker in the morning and by the time you get home in the afternoon your meal will be ready to eat!


This Hamilton Beach slow cooker recently sold for just $0.28 as the final bid price. Due the the final end price promo all this month it was free + the bids spent!

2. Manage your time

Another great way to save time is by managing it. Check out this upcoming auction on – it’s the Any Time Organizer calendar software that will help you manage your time more effectively by planning your day in blocks of time for each activity. You will soon see that once you start doing this you will be less likely to procrastinate and will even have time to exercise!




any time organizer










3. Know what time it is!

citizens solar watch deals

Of course in order to be successful you have to manage your time wisely, but you also should know what time it is. With this sleek Citizen ECO Drive solar powered watch you will look sharp and be sharp!

The last one sold for just under $75 and the final end price was waived for this month’s November bid promotion!

4. Exercise more efficiently with a FitBit!

A FitBit Fitness tracker will show you how many steps and miles you have walked! All you have to do is put it on and sync it. It will make your hikes more effective and push you to go further.


Right now bids on DealDash are only $0.15 each during the Black Friday week promotion! Any of these items would make great Christmas gifts! Looking for DealDash bidding tips and ways to get free bids?

Happy Holidays!

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DealDash is BBB Accredited

dealdash bbbDealDash is now an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota.

DealDash currently has 3 positive reviews giving the alternative pay to bid auction company a 100% rating. currently has an A rating with the BBB.

What is

DealDash is a pay-to-bid entertainment auction site offering hundreds of items each day for brand new items ranging from gift cards, to slow cookers, KitchenAid mixers, new dining room tables, dishes, Dyson vacuum cleaners, iPads, iMacs, tools, laundry detergent and other household necessities, HDTVs and so much more.

Bids on DealDash cost $0.60 a piece and give you the chance to bid and win all of the items on the website.

The Better Business Bureau is an accrediting agency that looks at a business and determines whether or not it should be BBB accredited and approved. This accreditation is on the basis that DealDash meets the accreditation standards which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

BBB Accredited Business since 11/04/2014

DealDash, Inc.

(855) 455-3325View Additional Phone Numbers150 S 5th St STE 1340, Minneapolis, MN 55402-4233 Send email to DealDash,

One reviewer posted: “Nov. 12, 2014I have been a consistent customer of Deal Dash for over two years. I have the VERY highest praises for them regarding merchandise, shipping, returns, customer support, service, and customer satisfaction. Being if the older, service-oriented generation, I truly appreciate it when I find a company that has integrity and strives to do everything in their power to make their company the BEST THAT IT CAN BE. Many times, customer support has gone way above what was expected. Those are the companies that I return to time and again. – See more at:”

Would you, or do you currently bid on If not, why not?


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Deals on Dyson

The New York Times calls it the iPad of vacuum cleaners!

Did you know that you could make cleaning fun again? Dyson vacuums are awesome in so many ways – Dyson makes the very best vacuums and here’s why:

1. They are certified asthma and allergy friendly.

2. Dyson vacuums are bagless vacuums saving you money on replacement bags.

3. Dyson uses HEPA filtration systems to filter 99.9 percent of airborne particles.

4. Dyson’s cyclonic force technology sucks up even cigarette smoke.

5. Cleaning a Dyson vacuum is easy, saving you even more money – you can even wash the filter and it will be like new again.

6. Aesthetically pleasing. Dyson didn’t cut corners in their efficiently engineered and beautiful vacuums.

Can’t afford to spend $500 on a vacuum cleaner? You may not have to! Just bid and if you win one on DealDash you could save tons!

Check out these deals that were recently had by bidders.

This Dyson DC39 Origin Bagless Canister Vacuum has a buy it now price of $491 – it sold for $16.84 and user deallbidder won.

dyson 1


Then this Dyson DC41 which retails for a buy it now on DealDash of $491 sold for $10.16 and the winning bigger, omavenga didn’t have to pay the end price – just bids placed!

dyson 2

Then this Dyson Digital Slim Multi Floor vacuum has a buy it now price of $358 and sold for $26.87 and since all wins were free doxgal won it with just bids placed!dyson 3

Each Dyson item on DealDash is a one-per-user item. Once you win one vacuum you can win another, but a different model (if you so wanted) And believe me, buying Dysons can become addicting!

Dyson also makes heaters and fans.

For all deals on Dyson be sure to check out these upcoming Dyson auctions on!

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Why You Should Skip Black Friday!

black fridayBlack Friday 2014 ads and deals have already been posted/leaked all over the Internet with sites like and others offering tons of ad scans from Kmart, Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy, Sears, Toys R Us, Walmart and more! But – what if I told you you should skip the Black Friday shopping pandemonium for something better!?

Each year, right after families enjoy stuffing themselves with  Thanksgiving dinners – the shopping countdown begins.

Black Friday is a big ritual in the US with shoppers lining up the night before, and sometimes days in advance for some deals.

It’s the busiest shopping day of the year – and not without incidents – many people get in fights over the ability to snag a deal and save a few bucks. Shopping can be really stressful on Black Friday and really could be avoided, and can be once you know how to get deals on all the hottest gifts on your Christmas shopping lists!

Meet – DealDash is one of the longest running penny auction sites in the US! You could save tons of money by shopping on a penny auction this Christmas season.

Where else can you find brand new digital cameras like this deal for a 20.4-Megapixel Sony Digital Camera with High Zoom in Black valued at over $500 – it just today sold for $13.22!

A new TV for under $2? Sceptre 19-Inch 720p 60Hz Class LED HDTV – Sold for $1.57 today, value $121.

How about a new Apple iPad Air 2 64GB Wi-Fi that Sold for $117.61 today – and since it’s “No Pay November” the winner didn’t even have to pay $117 – just the bids that she placed on the item! Wow – and the iPad is valued at $641!

How does a site like work? DealDash, and all entertainment auction sites allow bidders to get great deals on tons of great items by a collective bidding system. Bidders purchase bid packs and each bid is a chance to win these items, but not a guarantee that you will win, but if you have time and want to beat the crowds by bidding and winning items from the comfort of you own home be sure to check it out!

Right now you can get twice as many free bids! Time as highest bidder meter will fill up twice as fast today!


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7 Best Christmas or Hanukkah Gifts for Her 2014

Not sure what to purchase your significant other this Christmas or Hannukah? Here’s a guide to the 10 best Christmas or Hanukkah gifts of 2014 for her and ways to save money on Christmas gifts.

1. Gift a monthly gift subscription to Birchbox!

For $10 a month your loved one will get 5 deluxe samples of designer makeup and beauty goods delivered via mail. This is a great gift for the woman who loves  beauty products! Samples include items from NARS, Redkin, Stila, Laura Geller, Kiehl’s and more!


2. Clarisonic facial brushes!clarisonic mia lights

The Clarisonic sonic cleaning facial brush uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse skin!
vinotemp wine cooler3. Vinotemp Double Shot Chiller

Get your shot glasses ready. Features LED illumination for eye-catching bottle display and a molded tray top allowing you to store your shot glasses next to the bottles.Simply attach your bottles of choice to the top of the appliance and the shot chillers will quickly lower your favorite liquor to a chill -5 degree F.

This wine chiller retails at $499 but you could win it for much less if you win it on penny auction on The next auction ends tonight 11/18/2014 at 9 pm CST.

california- square wine4. Wine

Chill these awesome fine wines from West Coast winemaker offering a square wine bottle with wine that’s anything but square. California Square – Paso Robles Wine.

Retails for about $15 at Total Wine stores. Wine a gift card to on auctions and use it to buy wine on Amazon Fresh!

magic bullet deals ended5. Magic Bullet blender

The best way to make nutritious shakes and smoothies on the go is with this Magic Bullet blender. A gift that any girl who values health would love! The last one sold on DealDash for only $0.12.

6. Gift Cards!gift card deals

What girl doesn’t love to shop? Ok – so some don’t really care for it, but still do it! From CVS to Lowe’s, Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart and so much more, DealDash has tons of gift cards your girl would love to get this Christmas! Plus it takes all the guess work out of trying to find a gift!

7. SonicCare Diamond Care Toothbrush - Retails for $225 but you could win it for less on DealDash if you win with bids!

 diamondclean toothbrush

Sonic technology – Drives fluid to stimulate gums. 5 brushing modes Include clean, white, polish, gum care and sensitive to promote brushing efficiency, Quadpacer interval timer: Ensures thorough brushing throughout the mouth.

DealDash is an online penny auction where bidders pay for bids for a chance to win items for significantly less than retail. This is possible thanks to collective buying power – all the bids a bidder places in an auction can increase the final bid price, but if you win you will only spend what it cost you in bids to participate in the auctions.

All November the final end prices of auctions on DealDash are free! Meaning you only pay your bids if you win (and if you don’t win, so be careful!)

Have you bid on DealDash? What do you plan to buy this Christmas?




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3 Ways to Save on Christmas Gifts With DealDash

Christmas shopping time is here and while times may be tough, or you may just be bored of shopping and fighting the crowds, there are other ways to save money this Christmas gift buying season!

Have you heard of penny auctions?

Penny auction sites such as allow shoppers to “bid” on items for a chance to win them at steep discounts on retail for brand new, factory warranted items. You could shop on for Christmas gifts – you could also shop on Amazon and save money by winning an gift card on DealDash.

1. No shipping fees! Save on online gift shopping this holiday season by not having to pay shipping! DealDash offers Free Shipping! All items are typically shipping within 24 hours of the purchase time. DealDash offers thousands of auctions from gift cards to jewelry, furniture, food even and so much more.

2. Win-Win – Bid to win items, and save money! Get your bids back if you don’t win!

Save money by trying to win items for less by purchasing and placing bids. Then, if you don’t win, use buy it now to get your bids back into your account to try again next time!

3. Save money.  This Christmas some of your favorite friends and family members are wishing for gifts like Beats headphones a Keurig coffee maker, gift cards, laptops, digital cameras and tons more! Don’t let them down and don’t let you wallet down by spending money on gifts, spend less when you can bid and win!

Don’t  jump in too early! Remember, you can enter an auction as long as you’ve been bidding before it hits the five dollar no jumper end price! So be sure to conserve your bids and watch the timer before you erratically bid away on something you find out later you did not even want it!




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Essentials for the Best Thanksgiving Feast

Yum! Thanksgiving is almost here! Thanksgiving 2014 falls on November 27. What are you planning for your Thanksgiving? Are you thinking of preparing a feast, or just a small dinner at home? If you love to make all the delicious Thanksgiving dishes: Mashed potatoes, turkey, green bean casseroles, beats, sweet potatoes, salad, pies, oh! Get ready to eat, but first you will need to figure out how you will prepare all of the scrumptious dishes. If you don’t want to, you really don’t have to thanks to this awesome Thanksgiving Feast auction on

Family Thanksgiving Feast

family thanksgiving

It’s all here! This Thanksgiving, gather around a truly gourmet feast that’ll have the whole family saying, “Thanks!” The centerpiece is our Oven-Ready Basted Turkey, a 10 lb. bird that’s perfectly seasoned with a savory honey brown sugar blend and ready for the oven. A roasting bag is included, so all you need to do is preheat and set the timer! Of course, all the traditional dishes are here, too – Green Beans, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Gravy and Dressing. Each is easy to prepare and incredibly delicious. And when the meal’s almost over, bring out the Pumpkin Cheesecakes and they’ll say “Thanks” all over again.*


10 lb. Whole Basted Turkey

4/12 oz. Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

4/12 oz. Green Bean Casserole

4/11 oz. Sage Dressing

4/12 oz. All Natural Turkey Gravy

8 Individual Pumpkin Cheesecakes


Orders need to be RECEIVED by us by 11-13-14 in order to GUARANTEE delivery prior to 11-26-14 for all U.S. Zip Codes.

If you still want to cook the turkey and all the fixings yourself you could save tons of time with this auction for a Nuwave PRO Infrared Oven! You can grill, roast, bake and steam a whole turkey – without even needing to defrost it! Plus, it cooks food 50% faster than a conventional oven.

nuwave-ovenIf you’re wondering how you’re going to keep all of the delicious dishes warm to serve a crowd this Thanksgiving be sure to bid on this Oster triple-warmer buffet server. It allows you to heat multiple dishes with three 1-1/2 quart buffet pans with variable heat to keep your meal at just the right temperature.

All of these items ship free!





buffet server

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Hunting Season Deals!

Throughout much of the United States deer hunting season is in full force. If you or someone you know hunts be sure to check out these deals in DealDash’s upcoming auctions for deals on deer hunting gear.

buck decoyTink’s Mr October Buck Decoy – Item value: $73.55.

This buck decoy is the perfect accessory for deer hunters. It provides a realistic element to bring a deer within the hunter’s range.

Tink’s Mr October Buck Decoy features:

  • Slight head turn posture to challenge dominant bucks with detachable antlers
  • High-definition printing technology creates a realistic look and printed soft skin comes installed over heavy gauge rubber liner
  • Lightweight at just over 2 lbs
  • Sets up quietly in minutes and fits easily in a backpack
  • Standing or bedding position
  • Super light tail moves with the slightest breeze
  • Model# W5872



ozark trail realtree hunting chairThis upcoming auction for an Ozark Trail x Realtree Xtra pro Guide Folding Quad Camp Chair retails for $32, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $4.12!

Ameristep 15-Feet Two-Man Ladderstand

cabelas cardCabela’s is a hunter’s paradise! The world’s best outfitter – you can find everything you would need for hunting from guns and ammo to clothing, tents, sleeping bags, decoys, deer stands, scopes and so much more! DealDash offers deals on Cabela’s gift cards. This upcoming auction is for a $50 gift card. bass pro shops

Then there’s auction deals for Bass Pro Shops (Outdoor World) – your one stop shop for hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreation merchandise!


Do you hunt? If you do, you really wont want to miss all the hunting deals & auctions on DealDash!

Remember – you can use buy it now if you don’t win with bids!

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