Maximize Your Money with DealDash: Part 1

Are you frugal, or do you spend too much?

Here are a few ways that  DealDash can help you maximize your profits by getting more for your money. You may have to spend a little bit of time, but it could be worth if  you have some time to spare.

1. Deals on Dining

Love to get drinks with your friends on a Saturday night? How about a quiet date night, or a fun dinner with your family? Here are ways that DealDash can help you save money if you already go out to eat.

Gift card auctions! DealDash offers gift card auctions for top restaurants like T.G.I. Friday’s. 1 $50 gift card recently sold for $0.54! Buca di Beppo, a $25 card sold for $0.10, or save money on a family night out to Dave & Buster’s! This $25 card sold for $0.05 recently! Whoa right?! Great deals! So you’re wondering what happens if you don’t win the cards for as cheap as others had, what do you do to save money? All you have to do is bid and try to win. If you don’t win just use “buy it now” to get the item at cost, after all if you were going to go out to eat at one of your favorite restaurants you would’ve spent money there anyway, right?! So when you use buy it now on DealDash you get all of your bids back!

gift cards

Gas prices are so low right now! In some states gas was as low as $1.99 tonight! But how can you save more? Gas gift cards! Bid on gas gift cards on DealDash and save money at the pump when you win. And like the restaurant gift cards mentioned above, if you don’t win just buy it now after the auction ends and get all of your bids back to try again! If you’re buying gas any way, why not?
cheap gasWhat’s DealDash and how does it work? Read more and check back tomorrow for more DealDash tips!

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DealDash, What’s DealDash?

DealDash – what’s

DealDash is one of the longest running penny auction, pay-to-bid entertainment shopping auction sites online, but what’s that?!

What’s  a penny auction and how does it work?

A penny auction site is an site with “auctions,” but not auctions like your typical eBay auction. They’re auctions in that there’s a set opening time, item, and environment with competition, but there’s a twist!

Penny auctions don’t end as soon as the time hits 0 and the highest bidders has made his bid. Penny auctions end when no one else places a bid against a bidder and the timer hits 0. So bidding on a penny auction could go something like this:

1. There’s an auction item that you really want.

2. You need to place bids to win it.

3. But, you need to purchase bids!

Yes- bids are not free on DealDash or any penny auction – penny auctions really are a fun twist on traditional auctions. You must first sign-up to bid, then buy bids. You can buy bids in a number of amounts from a smaller bid pack to a larger one, it’s totally up to you. Bids cost $.60 each on DealDash unless you buy them at a discount (right now they’re on sale for $0.14).

4. So you now have bids –  You can start bidding on the item you want.

dealdash-delLet’s say you’re going to place a bid now, right after fairlighti and the bid price is currently at $0.45 for a 15.6 inch Dell Inspiron 15″ laptop. The price is at $0.45  – the beginning auction price is 0 – once a bidder places a bid it increased by $0.01 and 1 cent with each subsequent bid to bring it to the price it’s at now, so 45 bids have been placed on this $477 Dell laptop.  So as you can see the time is at 10 seconds, fairlighti just placed the bid – once you place a bid  – either at 6 seconds left or 9 seconds, the timer is reset again to 10 seconds, the clock ticks down and other bidders could place a bid. The only way you can win is if everyone else stops bidding.

So what if you were lucky!? That would be awesome! If you could win a new laptop for $0.46! It’s possible… While the winning price is $0.46 you would pay for the bids you already bought (the value of 1 bid = $0.60) + the end price =$1.06. Shipping is free! DealDash ships all of their items free of charge!

Have you bid on DealDash? Make sense now, or have any questions? Let us know!

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Great Deals on Protein Shakes and Healthy Blenders!

eatWith Christmas just days away and holiday parties with drinks & holiday cookies, you know there’s  going to be lots of feasting on carbs and sweets.

You probably keep thinking it will be ok if you wait until New Years Day to start on your 2015 New Years resolution to lose weight and eat healthier. It’s not too early to ease into a healthier lifestyle!

The holiday season is stressful for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be.

Take it easy and don’t get too concerned about the materialism and demands placed by others this holiday season. Now is the time to get healthier and start exercising. It can be difficult to get into a routine, but it’s not impossible. You can do it, you just need to get the right tools!

DealDash offers auctions on a few great items to help you live a healthier lifestyle: protein shakes made easy with deals on blenders and juicers, whey protein powder for a fraction of the cost in stores and protein bars to offer you fuel during a busy day or pre/post workout snack!

maxi matic
Maxi-Matic – Elite Cuisine 16-Oz. Personal Drink Mixer – BlackChop nuts, grind coffee, blend drinks and more with this Maxi-Matic Elite Cuisine personal drink mixer that features a powerful 300-watt motor and easy press-down and lock safety operation. Buy it now on DealDash – $37 or get alerted to an upcoming auction for this Maxi-Matic drink mixer.
EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control shakes are ideal for individuals looking to hit their protein goals while also managing their weight. Quick and ready to drink, this shake includes high-quality protein to help manage hunger, as well as many essential vitamins and minerals. See this upcoming auction on DealDash.
Hamilton Beach – Big Mouth Juice Extractor - Deals on DealDash. Buy it now for $73 or win it for less if you win! Black/Silver. Enjoy homemade juice with this juice extractor that features a Big Mouth feed chute to reduce the need to pre-cut food. Makes up to 24-percent more juice than a leading competitor. Fits whole foods for fast, easy juicing. Powerful 800-watt motor. Extra-large pulp bin lets you juice longer and add nutrient-rich pulp to any recipe. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.
nutribullet deal
Nutri Bullet 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender System Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods and protein shakes into a delicious, smooth texture High-torque power base and 600-watt motor Power, patented blade design and cyclonic action combine to extract all nutrients from food helping to achieve the healthiest lifestyle possible Includes a power base, 1 tall cup, 2 short cups, 1 flat blade and 1 emulsifying blade, 2 re-sealable lids, pocket nutritionist and manual with recipes. More power, more capacity.
Buy it now for $27 – the last one ended for under $2 on DealDash’s auction! Enhance your body building regimen with the Six Star Whey Protein Powder.
protein bars
Pure Protein Bars – the last one sold for $0.01 – one bid! Perfect snack or pre-post workout treat! Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter High Protein Bars: 20g protein Gluten free Value pack Eat good, look great Only 2 grams of sugar.

What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2015?! Do you plan to eat healthier? Worried about the high cost of supplements, protein shakes and blenders? These upcoming auctions on DealDash can help!

New to DealDash? Read how it works!

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Deals on Elsa Dolls!

If you’ve been around little kids or have children of your own (and all they do is sing ‘Let it Go’) you probably already know that Disney’s Frozen Movie has to be one of the top grossing animated movies of all time without having to look it up (it is!). Knowing that, it wont come as a shock to you that Disney’s Elsa dolls and toys are the top requested Christmas gifts of 2014.

In fact, the Disney Frozen My Size Elsa doll is sold out online on Target and other retailers, if you do a search on the $59.99 MSRP 3 ft doll you will find it being sold for $150! My size Elsa Doll

While DealDash doesn’t currently offer the My Size Elsa Doll, they do have a few Elsa & Anna Frozen themed items and dolls available for bid right now with guaranteed shipping by Christmas!

DealDash is a great way to save money on Disney’s Frozen Elsa and Anna Dolls!


elsa dolls

Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna Doll

In the Disney film Frozen, Anna is a free-spirited daydreamer determined to save her kingdom from eternal winter. Here, the lovable character sparkles in her signature outfit, which girls will recognize from the film. Her elaborate gown features a rich, multi-colored bodice decorated with vibrant pink swirls, sparkles and flowers. Anna’s bright blue skirt is accented with designs inspired by traditional Norwegian rosemaling. The removable skirt falls just above Anna’s ankles, showing off her stylish yet snow-friendly black boots, which feature adorable molded lace detail. Because Anna hails from a “frozen” land, she comes with the appropriate accessories to keep her warm: a pink cape with high black collar and a golden clasp. Her beautiful hair is styled in two classic braids and topped with a sparkling pink tiara. Girls will love reenacting Anna’s adventures from the film or creating new ones for this spirited and inspiring character. – Buy it Now price is $21, this auction recently ended for $0.38.

Disney Frozen Skating Elsa Doll

Item value: $36.44 Elsa Skating Doll

Kids can join the royal sisters from Frozen for ice-skating fun around the kingdom with the Disney Frozen Elsa Doll. With just a simple push, this cute character glides gracefully back and forth, arms and leg moving elegantly. Children can re-create the movie moment when the sisters ice skate to celebrate the end of winter or they can make up icy cool adventures of their own. To use the skating doll, you simply need to attach it to the base, which takes only a moment. From there, the Disney Elsa doll offers a unique ice-skating fantasy that is inspired by the film. Children can also style her beautiful blonde hair, creating new looks and enhancing her beauty. If your little one loves Disney’s Frozen, she is sure to enjoy this skating doll.

DealDash also has great deals on other Frozen and Elsa licensed items including an Elsa bicycle, comforter, sing-along movies and more!

What will you be getting this year for Christmas gifts?

If you know a little girl who loves Elsa – you won’t want to miss these items and deals that you can only get at

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The Best Place to Buy Christmas or Hanukkah Gifts!

11376440776_aa1f8c9ba2_zLast minute Christmas shopping got you down? If you don’t want to brave the crowds of frantic last-minute holiday shoppers you will be happy to know that the longest running penny auction site,, is still running tons of great items that would make perfect gifts for Christmas and if you win something and purchase it today it will still get to you on time for Christmas or perhaps even during Hanukkah!

Christmas Shipping Guaranteed!

It’s still not too late!

Plus, get twice as many free bids as the time as highest bidder meter will fill up 2x as fast today! That means the longer you’re the highest bidder, the amount of time that elapses from when you place a bid until someone else does, the more free bids you could win!

Find great gift ideas and something for everyone at DealDash!

For kids there’s games like the famous Hasbro Connect 4 game, Play-Doh, toy organizers, Frozen themed items and more!

For adults there’s wonderful wine coolers, comfy furniture, iPads, TVs, cappuccino machines, knives, dishes,  Wal-Mart, Amazon, Macy’s, Target and other gift cards. Storage containers to help clean up after the holiday festivities as over. Musical instruments for fun entertainment if you’re inclined to learn, or know how to play. Meats, fish, etc., if you win the Omaha Steaks auctions, pressure washers, new laptops, digital cameras, bid packs – and more!

For the teen there’s backpacks, iPads, laptops for school, backup vision for vehicles and more! There’s even cosmetics and K-Cups if you want more items that are useful on a daily basis, be sure to check it out!

For pets DealDash has pet food!

For health food DealDash offers a number of Magic Bullet blenders – perfect for making green smoothies or any other favorite drink.

Fitness conscious? DealDash really does have something for everyone especially if you’re into healthy & fitness DealDash has sales on fitness related events and workshops!

Are you winning at DealDash? Tell us all about it!

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Do You Get Your Daily Espresso!?

Did you know that one of the top Christmas gifts this year is a cappuccino machine? And with good reason! Cappuccino and espresso is the best, and most delicious way to enjoy coffee!

DealDash currently has a guarantee if you win an item on their site today, 12/15/2014 you will receive it by Christmas! So get bidding!

Krups espresso machine

This KRUPS Silver Art Collection Pump Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp Technology, Silver recently sold on DealDash and the winner only paid for the bids that were spent to win it, and only 59 bids were placed by all bidders! Wow?! Especially for an espresso machine valued at almost $200. The best Christmas gift ever! Pair it with a bag of Blue Bottle Coffee – LA/NY, Intelligentsia, Chicago, Peace Coffee’s Wonderland blend, Minneapolis, or Four Barrel Coffee, SFO for a full bodied espresso treat. Plus, if you’re looking for a low-glycemic and healthier way to enjoy coffee check out Madhava’s agave coffee syrups:coffeemadhava

This sleek and sophisticated KRUPS Silver Art Collection Pump Espresso Machine not only looks good, but with features like the patented Precise Tamp System, it also makes incredibly delicious espresso.
KRUPS Silver Art Collection Pump Espresso Machine with Precise Tamp Technology, Silver:

  • Water tank capacity: 29 oz
  • Power: 1450W
  • Color: faux wood and shiny stainless steel
  • Thermoblock heating system with 15 bar high-pressure pump
  • Patented KRUPS Precise Tamp System: progressive tamping system that ensures the precise density of espresso grounds for perfect extraction cup after cup
  • Universal filter holder with no-mess cake ejection system compatible with ground coffee (1 or 2 cups) and all types of pods (flexible/ESE) for convenience
  • Removable water tank with handle
  • Automatic flow-stop (1 or 2 cups)
  • Steam nozzle
  • Dimensions: 13.98″L x 15.43″W x 10.83″H
  • Model# XP4600

– See more at:  Espresso Machine Deals

What if you want something easier to use and quicker than a espresso machine? Well, check out the Nespresso or the Keurig Rivo! DealDash offers Lavazza capsules for the Keurig Rivo machines in upcoming auctions!
lavazza rivoWould you buy an espresso machine for yourself, or as a Christmas gift this season?
Save money and stop buying $5 lattes when you can win an espresso machine for less than one drink (not always but it’s possible!).

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Fan of the Hobbit? Don’t Miss These Auctions!

Did you know that the Lord of the Rings series adapted from the famous book by JRR Tolkien grossed over $2 billion in revenue?

The latest Lord of the Rings – The Hobbit movie is scheduled to be released in theaters this coming Wednesday, 12/15/14 The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. The synopsis, “Bilbo and Company are forced to engage in a war against an array of combatants and keep the terrifying Smaug from acquiring a kingdom of treasure and obliterating all of Middle-Earth.” Follow Frodo along on another great edge-of-your seat adventure!
Watch the trailer:

If you’re a huge fan of Lord of the Rings or know someone who is, what better gift for any day or for Christmas than to buy them tickets to the new Hobbit movie and some of these Lord of the Rings themed items on – just go to and search “Lord of the Rings” and the “Hobbit” and you will find DVDs, video games and more themed around JRR Tolkien’s famous series.

LEGO The Hobbit for Xbox 360

  • $0.62
  • 1tincup – recent winner.

Buy it Now for $42

LEGO The Hobbit for Nintendo 3DS

  • $0.07
  • BidtobuyCSM – recent winner.

Buy it Now for $24

Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Original Soundtrack (CD)


DealDash is the longest running penny auction! It’s been open since 2009.

If you don’t win anything with your first bid pack they’ll give you the bids back free for a second chance.

Ships fast: thousands of products ship free via UPS/USPS and FedEx

Offers buy it now! If you don’t win you can get all of your bids back when you purchase the item for the listed buy it now price.

Auctions off items for everyone you’re looking to buy for! Perfect place to shop for deals on Christmas gifts, birthdays and more!

Gift cards, electronics, TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and so much more!

Have you bid on DealDash?

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7 Best Deals this Week on DealDash!

Wow, look at the deals!
New to DealDash? Have you been to the winner’s page on DealDash? If you click on the link to the “winners” page on the top right of you will see all of the recently ended auctions, who won them and the final end prices.

This past week bidders got really great deals on tons of popular items.

Take a look at these 7 best deals on DealDash for the week!

Today, 12/12 – user pgkoala won this NutriNinja Pro Blender valued at $121 for a final end price of $3.96! Only 396 bids were placed by all bidders, what a great deal!

Yesterday, 12/11 bidder krissy1069 won this unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for just the cost of bids it took to win as the $137.46 end price was waived.

12/10 – michaelb1203 won a VIZIO 29-inch HD soundbar for $27.31 – also waived.

Then on 12/09 secondtonone won a $100 Macy’s Gift Card for just the cost of bids, the end price was waived -$47.26.

On 12/8 bidder ElGringo55 won a Maganavox 1TB HD/DVD Recorder with Digital tuner! The buy it now price is $367!

Then on 12/07 wardsw1961 won Omaha Steaks 6 (8 oz.) Chicken in Pastry ( valued at $61) for $0.05 – 2 bids!

Then on the 6th thefrogfreak won this amazing Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet, 32 GB in Brown for $26.49 + bids placed.


How does bidding on DealDash work?

DealDash is a penny auction site, this means all bidders have to purchase bids in “bid packs” to be eligible to place bids on top items that run nearly 24 hrs/day.

If a user does not win an auction they have an option of using the buy it now option to receive the item and get all of the used bids back into their bidding accounts. Win-Win!

Depending on the competition: Who is bidding, what they’re bidding on, how much they will spend before they quit, etc. you may have to plan on spending hours bidding on one item (if you so choose). Auctions can go on for quite some time, but then there are the ones that just end with 5 bids, so you never know!

For tips to win free bids read this posts: Bidding Tips for DealDash Bidders.


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Baking Christmas Cookies with DealDash!

The 2nd best thing about Christmas would have to be egg nogs and Christmas cookies. The 1st being time to spend with family and friends!

Christmas cookies are a longheld tradition with roots tracing back to recipes from Medieval Europe for Christmas biscuits which included cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds and dried fruit.   Do you bake these festive cookies for Santa? It’s ok if you bake them for yourself, but if you’re going to a Christmas party this year be sure to bake a batch to share!

christmas cookies

Bake a batch of these festive and fun Ugly Sweater Christmas Cookies!

First you will need a few tools!

1. Farberware Bakeware, 3-piece cookie pan set will ensure your cookies cook evenly and don’t stick to the bottom of the pan! – Buy it now price is $24. Win it for less on an upcoming auction at

2. Cuisinart 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Stainless Steel. Buy it Now price: $42 on DealDash or win it for less in upcoming penny auction.

3. Cookie Cutters – The ones I found look just like sweaters!

4. A Rolling pin – you’ll want to ensure the cookie dough is even before you cut it.

5. Your favorite sugar cookie recipe & icing. Here’s a basic and easy one that with a little work and care should take 2 hours to make 32 cookies!


Basic Sugar Cookies

-Recipe from

Sugar cookies are a buttery classic that make a delicious anytime treat. Try this sugar cookie recipe and enjoy your sugar cookies plain, or decorate them with icing to make them festive.

  • Prep:
  • Total Time:
  • Yield: Makes 32


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Assorted candies, sprinkles, or colored sugars, for decorating (optional)


  1. In large bowl, whisk flour, baking powder, and salt. With an electric mixer, cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg and vanilla. With mixer on low, gradually add flour mixture; beat until combined. Divide dough in half; flatten into disks. Wrap each in plastic; freeze until firm, at least 20 minutes, or place in a resealable plastic bag, and freeze up to 3 months (thaw in refrigerator overnight).
  2. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line baking sheets with parchment. Remove one dough disk; let stand 5 to 10 minutes. Roll out 1/8 inch thick between two sheets of floured parchment, dusting dough with flour as needed. Cut shapes with cookie cutters. Using a spatula, transfer to prepared baking sheets. (If dough gets soft, chill 10 minutes.) Reroll scraps; cut shapes. Repeat with remaining dough.
  3. Bake, rotating halfway through, until edges are golden, 10 to 18 minutes (depending on size). Cool completely on wire racks. To ice cookies, spread with the back of a spoon. Let the icing harden, about 20 minutes. Decorate as desired.

Sugar Cookie Icing from

  • PREP15 mins
  • READY IN15 mins


  1. In a small bowl, stir together confectioners’ sugar and milk until smooth. Beat in corn syrup and almond extract until icing is smooth and glossy. If icing is too thick, add more corn syrup.
  2. Divide into separate bowls, and add food colorings to each to desired intensity. Dip cookies, or paint them with a brush.

You can also use frosting tubes and different shaped tips if you want to get really detailed with your Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookies!

Do you have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe?

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Essential DealDash Bidding Tips!

DealDash is not like any other auction site, it’s not even like any other penny auction. DealDash is one of the longest standing penny auction sites in the U.S and what’s even better is that DealDash not only makes it so you can’t lose with buy it now, they have a money back guarantee!

1. No questions asked, 100% back money guarantee on you first bid pack purchase. 

“Bidders on DealDash are entitled to a No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee on their first Bid Pack purchase. Should a bidder be unsatisfied with the service for any reason, they are entitled to get their entire first Bid Pack purchase fully refunded. Simply email within 90 days and request for the refund. The refund will be credited back to you in 7 days. The refund will be granted regardless of if you have won or lost auctions, or whether you have bids left on your account or not. Only 1 refund per person.”

If you have any questions about DealDash and would like a refund on your first bid pack purchase be sure to contact DealDash’s customer service. If you have any questions about how penny auctions or bidding on DealDash works feel free to ask us here!

2. If you’re going to buy it but then –  buy it now if you don’t win!

Like this Color Switch Plus 7.5-Foot Color Switch Spruce Christmas Tree – you can win it for less than the retail price or buy it now for $383! If you bid on it and say you don’t win it you can just click on Buy It Now for the Buy it Now Price of $383 and you will get all of your bids back!

Bid and win it tonight to get it in time for Christmas.

christmas tree deals3. Don’t bid late.

Don’t bid late! If you forget about an auction and then come back to it, or wait until the bidding price is at $5.00 you will have missed out on potentially getting a great deal on an item because at $5 new bidders are locked out in DealDash’s 100% “jumper free” auctions.

4. Don’t bid early.

Ever bid and bid then stop bidding only to realize that tons of users showed up to bid? You were bidding too early and clicking the bid button as soon as someone else placed a bid. Be careful, you could be wasting bids!

What are some of your favorite DealDash bidding tips?

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