10 Ways to Bid Smarter On DealDash

1.  Only bid on the items on DealDash that you need or want

Especially if you’re new to DealDash – it’s a good idea to start out just bidding on items you need or want, that way if you end up spending more money on bids to win the items, you will get an item you already were planning on purchasing. Use the buy it now – you will get all of your bids back, the items will be shipped free of charge to you and come brand new in sealed packaging.

 2. Pay close attention

Do not allow yourself to get bored or distracted when you’re in the midst of bidding on an item. It only takes a second for you to switch screens on your computer, look away or answer the phone, etc. and you could very well end up letting the auction end. Set auto bid if you need a few minutes to do something else, just be sure to keep track of where that’s at.

3. Make Time for Bidding

Since it’s really not a good idea to spend money on bids when you have other things you should be doing, set aside time to bid and make sure you are free from distractions.

4. Keep Track of Your Bids and What You’re Spending

Set a budget. Write down how much money per month you are able to spend, and want to comfortably spend bidding on items at DealDash. Set a goal for how much money you can spend on bidding if you don’t win. Set amounts you will go up to before you elect to buy it now Stay within your set budget.

5. Use the autobidding feature on DealDash

Save bids, money and don’t leave your reaction time to chance (you really could miss out and let another bidder win if you didn’t click bid fast enough and the timer hits 1-0- ended.

7. Take Notes

Watch active auctions. Check out the ended auctions. Write down names, prices, items, time of day. Know your competitions.

8. Bid Later/ Bid Earlier

Try bidding early in the morning or late at night — the competition may not be as fierce.

9. Keep track of your opponents

Since all bidders are limited to winning 9 items a week, 6 items under $200 value, 3 over $200, keep track of who is at their win limit.

From your account dashboard click on “Who’s on their limit” – for just one bid, ($0.60) or if you buy bids now ($0.15) you can see a list of all of the bidders who have reached their win limits.

10. Keep track of winners

See a pattern of consistent winners? Watch what items they bid on, when and how many bids they spend to win.

These are just a few tips to become a smarter bidder in DealDash’s entertainment online auctions. Do you have tips that you win by? We want to hear  them! We’re also looking for DealDash bidders to interview to feature here each week. Bid wisely, bid often, bid smart, but most of all have fun bidding! 


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31 Responses

  1. colleen says:


  2. junebear says:

    What i have learned is that timing of when you enter an auction & patience are key to being successful in winning.

  3. Barbara says:

    What i have learned is bidding early in the morning or late at night has better odds of winning— the competition is not as fierce.

  4. D Rutkowski says:

    I always have a game plan and a plan for a plan going into auctions.
    Do not allow yourself to get bored or distracted by bidder bios. Get that 1 bid in before the auction gets locked and no more bidders are permitted. Be patient and observe whats going on and sit back and wait till you see a couple bid buddies going before you jump in. Good Luck.

  5. justjill71 says:

    just pay attention I’ve look ed away for seconds and lost

  6. I agree with all the comments and posts. I get too excited and start bidding too fast. Don’t do this. Jump in when you have watched the item you want and only a couple of people are bidding.

  7. Shane Masunu says:

    Happy Holidays to all DealDash bidders. As long you play smart you will have fun win or lose. Its when your not thinking right will hurt you. Place one bid and come back and wait for one on one and jump in and try taking both out. Good luck to all! Play responsibly

  8. ojtigger says:

    I too place a bid in the first 2 minutes to make sure I can bid later. Then I keep checking on it until I see 3 players consistently bidding. Then I start bidding on it watching not to overspend.

  9. Passey says:

    I also agree with the other comments. Newbies should read these comments before bidding. It will save you money in the long run!

  10. Kerry115 says:

    I too try to get a bid in when the auction first starts. That way you are not locked out and you can continue to watch and be in it at the end.

  11. Bid2Win75 says:

    I wait to bid late in the evenings to bid. Good items have sold low in the late/morning hours.And it has worked for me thanks to bid buddy.

  12. lakergirl1 says:

    This is for the new bidders, before bidding on your first auction, watch a couple first to learn how it works and get a feel for the whole auction process in general. Then when you feel confident enough, place your first bid and remember to stick with one auction, don’t go placing bids on many different auctions as you will lose tons of bid very quickly. Patience is a key word in the auction world and if you practice this you will find it will pay off in the long run.

  13. askdeb says:

    Everyone is providing very helpful suggestions and strategies. I find patience is needed as well. Lets all continue having fun.

  14. I enjoy the auctions, in fact that is how I did ALL my Christmas shopping last year and that was wonderful!

  15. cubbyfan says:

    I agree with all these tips. I have watched many of auctions and studied different bidders, etc. to help myself have a better chance to win auctions.

  16. wvajan says:

    I have been on Deal Dash for over 1 year and have got lot of nice things. I am also a gift card queen. Over 250 in gift cards. I agree with all of these tips. My tip is use the bid buddy and load and forget. I also watch when the auctions are running really high. I seem to win a lot of my things is early morning and around 430-5 pm eastern time. Also, if I spend a lot of bids and don’t win but like the product, I will buy and Deal dash gives me back my bids I spent trying to win. A lot of bidders do not like people who just jump the bids up and don’t use the bid buddy. We are all here to win , so play nice and have a happy win and holidays!

  17. wvajan says:

    How do you stay motivated? My answer is quite simple. Use the bid Buddy! Greatest tool on the site because you can load it with the number of bids you want and forget for awhile. I always come back and check my bids just in case it is down and I need to add more.
    I have been on Deal Dash for over a year and have won a lot of nice things really cheap. My time that I bid is in early in morning and around 430-500pm. This seems to be the best time since I am in the eastern zone.
    I also watch the winners list to see what people are paying for the item I like to bid on.

  18. laura64 says:

    I joined DealDash over a year ago and have learned a lot of things by trial and error and wished there was a site like this one when I first joined DealDash. I have found that patience is the key when bidding as I wasted many bids by bidding on several auctions at a time because I was too impatient and wanted to win now instead of just waiting one auction out. By doing this I would lose many bids and end up with nothing. So remember this when bidding, make sure you have the time to carefully choose which auction you really want to to bid on and stick with it. You will find it pays off in the end.

  19. starkee13 says:

    I bid on and item then watch it to see how many people are bidding on the item.

  20. Craig Anderson says:

    I find all of the tips very useful, even though I have been bidding for over a year now on Dealdash. I try my best to maintain my discipline at all times, but sometimes have to remind myself how easy it is to get distracted, and lose the item.

  21. I jump in the beginning not to get locked out, then check back till it gets down to 2 people & match up with them.

  22. Lynn Corder says:

    I always like reading tips that might help me win on DealDash! I wasted so many bids before “learning the ropes”. Using the bid buddy really helps and cuts down on wasted bids!

  23. Joel says:

    Thanks for the great tips. Taking notes takes time but is especially helpful. Savvyidder

  24. Andie says:

    I wish everyone would read this article before bidding. Those bid stompers are bullies. Everyone can win or at least get your free bids. Sometimes the length of the auctions can be frustrating. Happy bidding every

  25. jean says:

    I hope new users will read these posts and get some insight on how it all works. I see a lot of foolish bidding that cost the bidder and all other bidders a lot of extra bids and money. Bid on what you really want. Don’t just bid to be be greedy or because your holding a grudge with another bidder. Use your head people. Deal Dash is a lot of fun but its not a game. Not when money is at steak. So don’t be a bid stomp-er and use that dam bid buddy. ISN’T IT ALL ABOUT GETTING A DEAL AND NOT GETTING BROKE. GOOD LUCK TO ALL

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