5 Reasons It’s Better to Shop Online

I don’t know about you, but this winter is getting to be way too long…. this brings me to my first, and absolute best reason I love to shop online and why shopping online on online auctions is the best way to shop… among other reasons.

First of all, #1 reason to shop online: Comfort & Convenience

online auctions, and online shopping in general, can be done from the comfort of your home – anytime, day or night. Online shopping is so From bed, from in front of a toasty warm fireplace, in the kitchen as you wait for dinner to cook, in front of the TV when watching your favorite show or movie, at work (shh!), in a plane when traveling, really just about anywhere that you have an active Internet connection you can shop. So you won’t have to pull out your winter hats, gloves, boots, and layers of clothing just to go to the store you can stay in bed and turn on your laptop.

#2. Price Comparison and Bargains

Better deals can be had when bidding for items on online auctions… Plus, there’s more variety and it’s easier to plan and compare prices when shopping online.dealdash items

Check out just a few of the great deals that were won today on DealDash – $50 GNC gift card for $1.43, Xbox headset for $0.08, MagicBullet Blender $10.35, $299 convection toaster oven for $1.99 among so many others…  #3. Crowds

You beat the crowds and save yourself from having to stand in line at your local mega-big box store when you bid on online auctions and shop online.

#4. Entertainment


Watching and bidding on online auctions can be very entertaining. Whether you’re rooting for a bidder or watching a powerbidder/jumper beat everyone, scoring an amazing deal on a product, or laughing at bidders who have been going for over 10 hours on a popular item. You have to admit, online auctions are much more fun than driving to the store, standing in line and walking to your car in the cold of winter!

5. Brag Value

It’s just so much better to talk about the deals you got on a brand new Macbook laptop, digital camera or new kitchenware.. Where else do you have the potential to win something valued at $500 for as low as say $5? It can happen… and you can also spend way more too, if you aren’t careful! For more online auction and DealDash bidding tips see 10 Ways to Bid Smarter On DealDash and follow this blog for more tips and strategies!


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