About Deal Dash Tips

Deal Dash Tips is a blogging website primarily focused on providing you with bidding tips and strategies for DealDash.com. This is an online community for DealDash customers providing reviews, advice, bidding strategies and tips for new customers from experienced users. Find out how to bid smart, win auctions and get the most out of your play at Deal Dash by following this blog focused on Deal Dash tips.

This site will also serve as a brief introduction to DealDash, Bidding, Winning and as a guide to Buying Bids, Using BidBuddy, Winning Auctions and using the Buy It Now on Deal Dash. Occasionally there will also be video content with reviews and advice from Deal Dash customers.

There are great deals to be had on DealDash and but you must play smart. Get advice from experienced players here. We set up this blog so that experienced players could help each other and new players get the most of their Bids and experience on Deal Dash.

New to Deal Dash? What is DealDash?

DealDash is an online pay-to-play deal shopping site serving customers in the United States. They are BBB accredited and have been in business since 2009 consistently providing customers with amazing deals and an exciting and fun shopping experience.

While there have been thousands of similar sites launched, the high majority have failed to provide customers with a fun, fair and honest experience the way Deal Dash does. Known for having a very customer centric approach seems to be a major factor which attributes to a solid base of loyal customers and fans alike. DealDash has over 1.3 million Facebook fans – WOW!

Hope you enjoy reading the DealDash tips and strategies and please feel welcome to comment and share your opinions as well. Thank you!

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