Bid on Great Items for Kids at DealDash!

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas for your kids or grandchildren?  DealDash offers a lot of really cool products for kids.


Bazoongi Bouncy Castle

Are your kids bouncing off the walls? DealDash has the solution for you with the Bazoongi Bouncy Castle.  Great for parties or everyday outdoor fun! Up to 3 kids can jump, bounce and play in the Bouncy Castle. The Bouncy Castle offers easy set up, take down and storage. It’s enclosed on all 4 sides with velcro safety netting you won’t have to worry about the little ones falling off and injuring themselves as could happen on a regular trampoline!

When is this auction: An auction for a Bouncy Castle is ending right now on DealDash – and more auctions for this item are periodically offered. See

The average sales price of the Bouncy Castle on DealDash is $39.95 (3,995 bids). Bids are currently just $0.17 each for the Holiday Season!

VTech Kidizoom – Kid Friendly Digital Camera

 vtech kidizoom
Do you have a budding shutterbug? The VTech Kidizoom 1.3 mega pixel digital camera takes 4 AA batteries and is perfect for the beginning jr. photography. 

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

 KidKraft Garage Playset

kidkraft playsetThis deluxe garage wooden playset is loaded with fun features to keep kids entertained for hours! The playset from KidKraft includes 6 cars and trucks, 4 smiling people, a helicoper and helipad, car wash with moving scrubbers, ticket booth and gas station, moving elevator, multi-level ramp that goes from top to ground level for cars and trucks to soar down!

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

Discovery Kids Activity Laptop

discovery kids

Do your kids like to play with your laptop, or maybe just tap on the keyboard? Now you can bid on a laptop made just for them! The Discovery Kids activity laptop features more than 60 games and activities.

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!


Discovery Kids World Map

What better way to teach kids geography than this awesome wall map of the world! Featuring colorful regional animals, land markers, bodies of water and 76 labeling pieces.  Looks great on the wall of a child’s playroom or bedroom and is education at the same time.

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!



Kidcraft So Chic Dollhousekidkraft dollhouse

The So Chic dollhouse has three levels and 10 rooms filled with 45 pieces of furniture and a lot of fun for the little girl in your life.

When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!




rockinghorseplayThe Discovery Kiddie-Ups Carousel Rocking Horse

Is perfect for kids aged 18 months to 3 years. The Carousel Rocking Horse is made of high quality Asian hardwood for solid and secure construction. When: Coming soon to auction on DealDash click here to sign up to be notified of when it will be available!

What would you like to see offered on DealDash for kids? Let us know!

New to DealDash and want to know how it works? Read DealDash Demystified


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23 Responses

  1. Shanon says:

    I have gotten some great deals on kids items on Deal Dash. My son is getting 4 different items for Christmas that I won, including a 19 inch Samsung TV. I like that I can utilize the buy it now feature and get all my bids back in the event I don’t win an auction.

  2. donna says:

    i love dealdash!! i do not like the power bidders, they seem to waste the bids. i love bidbuddy i have won all my auctions using bidbuddy!

  3. dan says:

    This is a great site! i love dealdash, i watch the auctions and bid if the bidders get down to two bidders.

  4. Jan says:

    Dealdash is a great place to get deals on the most current and hot toys.

  5. gamaax5 says:

    I absolutely love this site. Have gotten many items for my grandkids for Christmas, as well as gift cards for adults in the family. With a family of 9 kids and 15 grandkids, we need all the deals we can find. LOVE THIS SITE!

  6. wjroseberry says:

    Awesome information with great strategies on how to actually win those auctions you really want and avoid wasting bids on those you probably won’t win. I won $1216.00 worth of merchandise in one night for just $102.21! Thanks DealDash!

    DealDash username wjroseberry

    Bid on!

  7. mrs rutkowski says:

    I think its really great that dealdash has so many different auctions to bid on. Way more than all other penny auctions I have visited in the past. They are truly the fair and honest bidding site there is hands down. No one can compare to dealdash . I Love

  8. Edward Scott says:

    Good comment & tip section! I didn’t know it existed. My comment: I get frustrated at people who chastise others for their bidding strategy. Sometimes bidding right after another bidder ( sometimes called stepping on someone’s seconds ) weeds out the people with just a few bids or even wins an item because another bidder was counting on a slow pace so he or she was not paying attention and didn’t get their bid in, in time! There is nothing wrong with this. So remember, be considerate to all site users who abide by DealDash rules. Thank You ibuyemall.

  9. bouncers1 says:

    Also use the bid biddy!!!!!!

  10. bouncers1 says:

    Always use the bid buddy and only bid on articles that you can afford. It is like going to the casino! Only spend what you can afford.
    A member of DEAL DASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Will33 says:

    I did a great deal of my Christmas shopping with Dealdash this year and saved a great deal of $$$! If you study how the auctions work, pick products you are willing to buy if you lose (which means you never really lose), you can’t go wrong. When you pick something you want and commit your bids to it, you will win quite a bit!

  12. valorie says:

    I love dealdash and what great tips. I have won a pile of giftcards which have made the Christmas holiday a lot easier. Anybody can win with a little strategy!

  13. Never2Much says:

    Have tried several penny auction sites and Deal Dash is without doubt the fairest! Yes I have been ripped-off by other sites but not DD! Fair, fast and free shipping. What more can you ask for?

  14. tmason13 says:

    I love Dealdash! Get familiar with bid buddy so you can bid while away from the computer!!

  15. Cdeweygo says:

    I love Deal Dash! I have won a 39″ TV, an Acer laptop, a canon camera and an iPad all for under $50

  16. GARY ECKINGER says:


  17. truwes says:

    I absolutely love dealdash. I have won just about all of my daughter’s Christmas items… and some home items as well… and then some!! You learn to time the auctions right and you learn strategy if you watch before jumping in to bid. – truwes

  18. kjkjinc says:

    I’m totally addicted to DealDash.

  19. Gail says:

    Excellent site I’ve won several items and looking forward to winning more.

  20. Very good and interesting will try for sure.

  21. Teri says:

    I got some great gifts for my grandchildren on this year for christmas… take it from renotopaz… read the bidding tips, watch a few of the auctions and then start winning and saving on gifts for your family too 🙂

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