Toilet Paper, Tide and Toothbrushes: The Secret to Learning How to Win on DealDash

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Are you new to bidding on DealDash auctions and want to know how to win?

The secret? Go for the toilet paper.

I know you want to win a shiny new Dyson vacuum cleaner, that way you can get your significant other or kids to actually want to clean the house, right?  Or  maybe you want a MacBook? or a PC?

But wait a second…

I wouldn’t suggest you purchase bids and go all out trying to win the big auctions, just not quite yet.

You need to start small and work your way up. Think baby steps.

Start out by bidding on items that you actually use in your day-to-day life.

DealDash offers really useful items. We’re not talking more iPods, laptops, Macbooks, chopping gadgets,  TVs, or ice cream makers, though these are all pretty useful and you really should bid on those, too.

So what are you going to bid on? Toilet Paper, Tide® and Toothbrushes. 


  • Bid on the things you wouldn’t be able to live without. Like toilet paper.

Yes, DealDash has toilet paper auctions. Really!

  • You need to wash clothes. Think Tide®. DealDash has laundry detergent auctions.
  • Clothes always wrinkled? How about a new iron?
  • If you own a car, you’re going to need to buy gas. Right? DealDash has gas gift cards.
  • Drink coffee and use a Keurig? Want a cup of tea? There’s even K-Cup auctions for you. Want a Keurig? Check.
  • Like snacking on cheese and crackers? How about Cheez-It Crackers? You can bid on these, too.
  • Wood floors need cleaning? There’s even auctions for wood flooring cleaning solution.
  • If you go out to eat, or go shopping at anywhere from Lowe’s, Bath & Body Works, Target, CVS,, Toys R Us, Red Robin, Chili’s, Kmart/Sears, JCPenney, even AMC gift cards for when you go out to see a movie, Applebee’s, Panera Bread, Boston Market, Staples, Dunkin Donuts, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, Outback, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, new shoes? Foot Locker, to so many more retailers and restaurants.

It really is a no-brainer to bid on the items that you are already spending money on in your daily online and offline life.

Worried you might not even be able to win that $23 package of toilet paper, well guess what?

For each and every item you bid on at DealDash and don’t win, you can buy it now and get all of the bids you spent in the auction back into your account! Read more about how to bid on DealDash in DealDash Demystified.

This means you can use your bids again on another item you might need, this way you will be honing your bidding skills, making your name known (The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions), and after too long, maybe win your first big item!

Soon you may be winning items for less than you’d pay for them at the store. So, try it, “buy it now,” save yourself the gas and a trip to the store, and soon the delivery guy or girl will be bringing you your toilet paper. 96 rolls of toilet paper, if you want.

If you are brand new to DealDash, bidding on these useful items is a perfect way to learn how to bid, before you try higher valued items like new TVs, and other expensive electronics.

Bidding on what you need could help you win the things you really want.

Join DealDash  and buy bids.  But hurry! For a limited-time only, bids are just $0.18 each now $0.16, but you first must purchase a pack of them for $0.60 each if you’re a new user.

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21 Responses

  1. I won’t ever buy toilet paper on DealDash, I would like to see more home décor items, dishes, etc and less gift cards and bid packs. I am addicted though. Thanks, Paula

  2. Jana says:

    I have been on DealDash for almost a year. This article is very helpful and I wish that I had read it much earlier. I had to learn this the hard way. However, DealDash did help me along the way and it has been a wonderful experience. I have won many items and have been very happy with the buy it now option. My Christmas shopping is done!! No long lines, high prices or shipping and sales tax. What could be better? Play smart and not emotional. And most of all have fun.

  3. Dawn Lytle says:

    Good advice, and make sure to first check out the site and watch several auctions before bidding on anything. Not doing that turned out to be my biggest mistake when I first got started. I would have saved myself a lot of money (and other bidders a lot of irritation) had I understood about using the bid buddy. I went through all my bids and didn’t win a single thing the first day I joined. Deal dash gave me all my bids back to try again and I won that time and since then have won dozens of things in just the last few months but after learning the hard way. But after you start winning you also have to resist getting addicted! This is such a fun site. Their customer service is fantastic should you need any help or have a question. I’m still waiting to see my idea of a little box somewhere on each auction indicating how many bids you have booked… 🙂 dlytle99

  4. joe salfi says:

    This is a great way to get some tips on winning on
    The variety of items that are auctioned off are is very surprising because other web auctions don’t give you to much variety. Great job dealdash!!! Keep up the good work.

  5. Hedy Matuszak says:

    Bidding on everyday items is definitely the way to go! BINGOQN

  6. Colleen Murray says:

    This is one of my strategies that I use. I bid on laundry detergent, Walmart cards, coffee k cups etc. If I don’t win them I buy them, earn bids while trying and receive the items at my door shipping free. Once in a while I get a little risky and bid for larger items; sometimes I win sometimes I lose, but I rarely bid on something that I would not purchase.

  7. Gerald W says:

    Excellent advice. One thing you don’t want to do is use a lot of bids on something which you don’t plan to use your Buy It Now option if needed. If possible I would like to see an article about how your free bid levels,amount of free bids made and time required for each level.

  8. Gus S. says:

    Good information. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Gus S.

  9. Terry Waller says:

    Love deal dash!!!!

  10. Michelle Waller says:

    I’m totally addicted to this site! I have actually won toilet paper and MANY more items!!!

  11. Pennee says:

    I agree starting out small is the best way to go-You really do have to know what your doing before going for the big stuff! However I dont want to spend hours on DD and only win toilet paper! Sometimes time is more valuable

  12. Diane says:

    These are some great tips! Yes, I agree. Start with small items that have less demand. As you see how bidding goes, you can read other tips and win bigger items. It is fun to win the small stuff you use every day, like K-cup coffee. You may also look at items that would be great stocking stuffers for your Christmas list. I have many items put away for Christmas and it all was shipped free to my house! Thanks DealDash! Have fun and save money! What a deal!

  13. Diane Taylor says:

    Starting on small, less expensive items is a great way to learn how DealDash works. This tip is a great one because everyone can use detergent and toilet paper. If you don’t win, you can BIN (buy it now) and get all your bids back to try again! This is a win-win! DealDash is awesome!
    Thanks for all the great wins I have had! I have so many items ready for wrapping for Christmas! Fantastic deal!

  14. Becca says:

    another good tip, know who are the insane bidders!

  15. Jaime says:

    I think these tips are great, especially if you are new to penny auctions. These tips not only help newcomers understand, but they also help to ease the risk. With the Buy It Now feature that DealDash offers, you can purchase the items that you did not win in auction and get back all of your bids. DealDash is great!


  16. Kevin says:

    Considering the price of paper products I am glad to see such a thing! I wish that you could have mega boxes full of paper towels also, as they are so expensive. Even large boxes of GOOD Facial Tissue.
    Love the site would just like to win a bit more, But Love It at any rate. Thanks for your concern DEALDASH.


  17. TrickyMisfit says:

    The one thing I have notice about DealDash is that if you have a problem with an item that you won and it is not what you thought it was or should be they have been very helpful and prompt to refund the money and in on instant they ever gave back the bids I placed on the item as well as a refund on the purchase no other penny auction has ever given me that courtesy ever. Thank you

  18. PSA444 says:

    Totally true and a great way to start out! Sometimes it helps to just keep track of a few auctions you might want to bid on and see how they end and who won. If you are a new user, it’s best not to put all your bids on one auction either, try for a couple and keep monitoring. I also think new users who place a bid after every other bidder are just wasting their resources, and don’t always have a better chance at winning. Keep it simple, and bid on low priced or common items that appear multiple times in one or two hours. I know it feels good to think you could win if you are always the top bidder, but in reality you wind up using two to three times more bids . . . and you still can lose. Try going for the almost sure things first and you can see how fun it is when you are a winner!

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