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Common Mistakes to Avoid

Plenty of information is available on to help new players to avoid making common mistakes. All you have to do is be patient and take some time to read it. Many new players...


Earn a Badge

How many badges have you earned on lately? We all like to set goals, right? Perhaps we could set a goal to win one new badge every week, or all of them by...


Responsible Shopping

I recently saw a video discussing the part today’s technology plays in controlling our shopping behaviors. Apparently, a natural chemical in our brains called dopamine makes us feel good, and it also has a...


Bidding on Bid Packs

While shopping on I noticed that several customers recently won some outstanding deals on bid packs. I seldom bid on large bid packs because I assume too many other shoppers will go for...


Start Small, Win Big!

Perhaps the best advice I could give to new customers on would be to start small to win big. Let me explain: Looking at all of the items up for auction on the...