Tired of Clicking and Losing? BidBuddy is DealDash Bidder’s Best Friend!

You know how this little guy is said to be “Man’s best friend?”Dog

He may be man’s best friend, bid BidBuddy is bidder’s best friend! Let me tell you why…

First, I’d like to thank all of the DealDash users who have left comments, and feedback in our DealDashTips blog. We love hearing about your bidding tips and auction experiences, so keep them coming!

One tip that a lot of DealDash users have been recommending lately has been the BidBuddy feature.

 Did you know about the BidBuddy feature on DealDash? 


The BidBuddy lets you bid on auctions, so you don’t have to keep clicking the bid button.

It will even bid for you when you’re away from the computer.

Although, I would highly suggest you stay in front of the computer, and watch the auctions if you are going to pay for bids to participate in them. We know that there may be times where you can’t get to a computer, and really wanted to bid on a particular item. That’s where BidBuddy comes in handy and may become your favorite feature on DealDash.

BidBuddy Can Save You Money

If you’re click happy and find yourself going through a lot of bids, or just tired of clicking the bid button each time. Say need to make an important phone call or anything, the BidBuddy is really helpful.

BidBuddy can even help you save money because it will place bids close to the auction’s end time. This is especially helpful because you don’t have to worry about placing a bid too close to the end time only to find when you click it and it registered in the system it was too late and the auction ends.

This is a great feature if you are prone to getting distracted during bidding, or are having problems with your Internet connection.

How do you use the BidBuddy?

It’s really quite simple.

You can use BidBuddy in any DealDash auction.

1. Add the number of bids you would like to place in the auction in the BidBuddy area right below the bid button.

2. Then, click Book a BidBuddy and the BidBuddy will bid for you up until it has used all of the bids you booked, or until you win!

A good thing about it is you can cancel the BidBuddy at any time and if you happen to win on BidBuddy the only bids you will use are the ones that were placed in the auction prior to winning.  If multiple bidders are using BidBuddy (note that it is not indicated on the auction page who is on BidBuddy or not) then all users will take turns placing bids, until the bids from all but one user’s BidBuddy run out. As soon as you book your BidBuddy one bid will be placed, the rest will be placed periodically towards the last few seconds of the auction.


See what DealDash user dlytle99 says about using BidBuddy, they have some really good tips about bididng on DealDash! 

“… Make sure to first check out the site and watch several auctions before bidding on anything. Not doing that  turned out to be my biggest mistake when I first got started.

I would have saved myself a lot of money (and other bidders a lot of irritation) had I understood about using the bid buddy.

I went through all my bids and didn’t win a single thing the first day I joined.

Deal dash gave me all my bids back to try again and I won that time and since then  have won dozens of things in just the last few months but after learning the hard way. But after you start winning you also have to resist getting addicted! This is such a fun site.

Their customer service is fantastic should you need any help or have a question. I’m still waiting to see my idea of a little box somewhere on each auction indicating how many bids you have booked… :)”

Thanks dytle99!

Bidder Bonnie also likes using BidBuddy, she tells us “Please use your bid buddy if you try to wait the clock out your not going to make it the clock will win. Wait it out watch the other biders see how many are in the auction and there is no harm waiting till the next auction everything is up again sometimes in the next few minutes especially bid packs be courteous to others always in every way.”

These are great tips! And Bonnie, that is a great recommendation!

Let us know what else you would like to learn about here. Good luck bidding and winning in DealDash auctions. Looking forward to reading your comments!




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14 Responses

  1. Tish Mowe (tkabob) says:

    BidBuddy is awesome. I tried to bid on my own and lost at the last second. BB is the way to go.

  2. Mary Dowdell says:

    I’m marysbear on Deal Dash. It’s Nov. 24 and I’ve finished my Christmas shopping and didn’t even have to go to any of the stores. My biggest challenge, and hint for bidders is USE THE BID BUDDY but be willing to buy the item if you aren’t lucky enough to win it. With minimum income, I look for deals all the time and when I use Deal Dash it is a form of entertainment (can I win) and stretching my dollars. I’ve found that I am luckiest in the early morning and when I let the bid buddy do the work for me.

    Thanks Deal Dash.

  3. Lam29 says:

    The BidBuddy lets you bid on auctions, so you don’t have to and newbies can click away and your still there waiting on bidbuddy to win.

  4. donna says:

    I love dealdash.com i have won alot of auctions there! best penney auction there is! always free shipping too!

  5. I love dealdash. i have won a lot of free bids and items i did not win I would buy it now at a good price. love it

  6. Tina says:

    USE BID BUDDY and stop blocking bids

  7. Steve says:

    Yes, Bid Buddy is the only way to be successful. You will lose the auction if you attempt to bid manually…

  8. If you want to win, no matter what your bidding on… Bid buddy is the way!!! I use bid buddy all the time and win LOTS of awesome gifts for my family.

  9. hobbs16 says:

    After trying different ways to win, Bid Buddy is the Best way to Win. You won’t win all the time, but it sure helps over wasting bids by bidding yourself. I find those who don’t use bid buddy use 3, sometimes 4 x as many bids and walk away without a win.

  10. magics says:

    I so agree with this blog posting. Bid buddy has helped me to win many great items on Deal Dash. You can set it and forget it if you have tons of bids. If not you need to enter some and then check on it to see if you won or add more to it. I have won on many items using the Bid Buddy and it sure is your Buddy!! Thank you Deal Dash

  11. Resp2013 says:

    Bid buddy is the only way to go. I learned the hard way. I have never won an auction not using bid buddy.

  12. starkee13 says:

    I love this option !!!!

  13. joe salfi says:

    I agree with all the other post that have been posted.
    BID BUDDY is the way to go when you really want the item your bidding on.
    I hate when people keep jumping bids and think they are gonna win by wasting their bids and other bidders bids. All their doing is driving up the price and not getting their time in to get free bids.
    Isn’t it all about getting a deal?
    Note to all team players on dealdash:

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