DealDash Demystified

New to DealDash and have never heard of online auctions before?

It’s about time you did. You could be missing out on some great deals!

What Is DealDash? is a pay-per bid auction, popularly known as a “online auction.”

DealDash launched in the United States in February of 2009 and is the longest running online auction site of its kind.

What does it mean to pay-per bid, and what’s a online auction? 

online auctions operate a bit differently from traditional online auctions where the last bidder to place a bid wins.

First, all auctions on DealDash start at $0.00 and have no price reserves. Each bid placed raises the auction price by $0.01 and the time on the auction clock by 10 seconds.

To bid you have to first register, next, buy bid credits.


Bids on are $0.60 each, but with the current Christmas Gift Clearance promotion bids are just $0.18 a piece.

Bids must be purchased in bid packs ranging  in packages of 200 ($36), 450 ($81), 950 ($171), 1,500 ($270) all the way up to 2,500 ($450).  dealdash-tutorial2

How do you win an auction?

The object of winning an auction on DealDash is to be the last bidder to bid when the timer hits 0. In other words, there must be no opposing bidders to place a bid after you have.

There’s no telling how many bids you will have to place before you win.

You could win an item with just 1 bid, or 100+ bids.

 What’s the catch? There really isn’t one.

Say you’re a photographer and really want to win a new Canon lens, so far you have spent a bunch of money on bids trying to win it, and suddenly you get distracted by something else on the Internet, or your Internet connection mysteriously disconnects, bummer.

You were either already going to purchase the same lens and were just trying to score a deal, or you don’t care that you lost money. If you were wanting to purchase the lens before you started to bid, you’re in luck.



DealDash’s “Buy-it-Now” saves the day!

On DealDash if you don’t win an auction, you can use “Buy it Now” and get all of the bids you placed back for free. You can rest assured that the item is brand new and backed by the manufacturer. Payments are accepted by either credit card or PayPal.

 Best Buy

Take a look at a few recent deals scored by DealDash Bidders:  

All auction end prices reflect the amount of bids collaboratively received in each item, $0.07 = 7 bids.






What other items can be won?

DealDash auctions include major league baseball memorabilia, digital cameras, surveillance systems, iPads, bid pack auctions, small household kitchen appliances (Keurigs and K-Cup too!), and tools, video games, game systems, gift cards, CDs, water bottles, laundry detergent, seasonal items, kitchen tools, Bose speakers, GPS’s, laptops, iPods, and so much more.

What do you do once you’ve won? 

After you win an auction be sure to go to “My dashboard” and your “Won auctions” to pay the final end price for your win. All items are shipped for free within 10 days.

How many items can you win? 

You can win 6 products worth $200 or less and 3 valued at over $200 per week. Once you’re logged in there’s an indicator on the top of the site that keeps track of how many items you’ve won for you.

For 1 bid you can see who is at their “win limit.”

All items on DealDash are brand new and come with standard manufacturer warranties.

DealDash has over 2 million registered customers, won’t there be a lot of competition? 

DealDash knows that the auctions are competitive, that’s why all auctions are “No Jumper” auctions. This means that after the auction price reaches $5.00, no new bidders can enter and try to win an item.

Why would you really want to even bid on a online auction site that didn’t have buy it now? Try for yourself, you will see just how risk free it is!


DealDash Fair Auction Guarantee: DealDash guarantees that all bids made are 100% legitimate and that strict third-party audits are performed on the bidding platform to ensure and maintain complete integrity of the auctions. Employees and immediate family members of employees are not permitted to participate in any auctions run by DealDash.

Now that you know how DealDash works register and get ready to win!

Let us know about your DealDash bidding story and you could be nominated as the DealDash Bidder of the Week.



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15 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Basically this article tells you all you need to know . The main thing is to take time to learn the basics and realize you have the buy it now option. Put the bids in your comfortable with and then have fun playing.

    • DealDash Tips says:

      Hi Carl,
      Thanks for reading! Yes, it really is pretty basic. Just be sure you know what you are spending, set a limit, use buy it now and have fun. 🙂 What have you won on DealDash so far? 🙂

      • Carl says:

        Oh wow! I have so many things..mostly gift cards which are really Awesome especially with Christmas coming and y’all send them so fast!!! Really Cool!!!

  2. Brenda Greer says:

    Love Deal Dash – A fun way to buy Christmas for my grand kids. Mostly gift cards for me – cause If I don’t win I can buy card (which I buy at christmas time anyways) and after buying my card all my bids come back to me. Yes – I love it.

  3. I thinks it is best to start off small by bidding on the needed home items. I have won detergent and tissue and it is really something that is needed on a daily basis. I like the different tips, these will help a lot when it comes to bidding and winning. dondra48

  4. shadowcap says:

    DealDash is lots of fun! Enjoy.

  5. Bonnie Woods says:

    Please use your bid buddy if you try to wait the clock out your not going to make it the clock will win. Wait it out watch the other biders see how many are in the auction and there is no harm waiting till the next auction everything is up again sometimes in the next few minutes exspecially bid packs be curtious to others always in every way.

  6. Amy says:

    Love Dealdash.. Great site. I have won many things. The best advice I can give you is to have plenty of patience.

  7. Mrs Rutkoski says:

    I think its really good that dealdash explains how it all works and tells you to know what your spending so you don’t get in over your head with out realizing it. There isn’t any other penny auction sites that do that for you. The sites just want you to spend as much money as you can with them. is the FAIR and HONEST bidding site. Thanks Dealdash !!!

    • DealDash Tips says:

      Thanks everyone! I am so glad that you like these tips and explanations. Please let me know what else you would like to know and I would be more than happy to help here!

  8. demoman193 likes the way they explain things

  9. Amy Huxford says:

    They also have 500 Auction which I LOVE. This is when they drop 500 Auctions ate one time!

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