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Review by confirmed purchaser

Customer service

Recently I had the wrong item shipped. It wasn’t the fault of Deal dash but I sent them an email and they responded right away. They got in touch with the store that sent the wrong merchandise and I had the correct item shipped and at my doorstep a couple days later!! I had another message sent by customer service to ensure my item had shipped The customer service is excellent ( Thank you Graham) and I absolutely LOVE deal dash! I’ve won many things and they are shipped out right away!! Thank you Deal Dash for your excellent service and I look forward to doing more business with you!
Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Review by confirmed purchaser

DealDash is awesome!

I have won many items from DealDash for amazing prices. Bids are so much cheaper than other sites. Thank you DealDash.

Review by confirmed purchaser

Fun but requires alot of time to get good deals

I enjoy checking with dealdash for bargains, but it requires a lot of time to wait for the good deals. You need to bid one point and then wait until you think it is close to the auction end and then jump in again. You might get lucky and get something real cheaply, but I only bid on items I am willing to buy so I can get my bids back if I don’t get a good deal.”


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