DealDash, What’s DealDash?

DealDash – what’s

DealDash is one of the longest running online auction, pay-to-bid entertainment shopping auction sites online, but what’s that?!

What’s  a online auction and how does it work?

A online auction site is an site with “auctions,” but not auctions like your typical eBay auction. They’re auctions in that there’s a set opening time, item, and environment with competition, but there’s a twist!

online auctions don’t end as soon as the time hits 0 and the highest bidders has made his bid. online auctions end when no one else places a bid against a bidder and the timer hits 0. So bidding on a online auction could go something like this:

1. There’s an auction item that you really want.

2. You need to place bids to win it.

3. But, you need to purchase bids!

Yes- bids are not free on DealDash or any online auction – online auctions really are a fun twist on traditional auctions. You must first sign-up to bid, then buy bids. You can buy bids in a number of amounts from a smaller bid pack to a larger one, it’s totally up to you. Bids cost $.60 each on DealDash unless you buy them at a discount (right now they’re on sale for $0.14).

4. So you now have bids –  You can start bidding on the item you want.

dealdash-delLet’s say you’re going to place a bid now, right after fairlighti and the bid price is currently at $0.45 for a 15.6 inch Dell Inspiron 15″ laptop. The price is at $0.45  – the beginning auction price is 0 – once a bidder places a bid it increased by $0.01 and 1 cent with each subsequent bid to bring it to the price it’s at now, so 45 bids have been placed on this $477 Dell laptop.  So as you can see the time is at 10 seconds, fairlighti just placed the bid – once you place a bid  – either at 6 seconds left or 9 seconds, the timer is reset again to 10 seconds, the clock ticks down and other bidders could place a bid. The only way you can win is if everyone else stops bidding.

So what if you were lucky!? That would be awesome! If you could win a new laptop for $0.46! It’s possible… While the winning price is $0.46 you would pay for the bids you already bought (the value of 1 bid = $0.60) + the end price =$1.06. Shipping is free! DealDash ships all of their items free of charge!

Have you bid on DealDash? Make sense now, or have any questions? Let us know!

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