Track Easy with Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit wireless activity tracker makes it easy to tracker your  progress.

DealDash carries some of the best products for athletes and people that live active lifestyles. You can find everything on the site from weights, to scales and products like the Fitbit wireless activity tracker. Let’s talk little about the Fitbit now.

Fitbit wireless activity tracker

Every day you walk around, maybe you job, go to the fridge to get a snack. Whatever it is you do, the Fitbit wireless activity tracker makes it easy to know how much progress your make. It also lets you know if you’ve been slacking and need to pick things up a bit.

The Fitbit wireless activity tracker is easy to use and connects to any Bluetooth wireless device like your tablet, phone, or monitor. Your workout progress will be displayed and easy to read. You’ll instantly be able to sync it with anyone of your favorite devices and track steps taken, how far you’ve traveled, and how many calories you’ve burned.

The Fitbit wireless activity tracker is the complete package and each kit includes the tracker itself, the bread and butter of the package. You’ll also get the battery that powers the tracker. Along with that count on the specialized tool that is used for removing and working with the battery. The Matching clip that is included also helps you clip the Fitbit to your favorite piece of apparel. And the owners-manual will teach you how to set it all up. With the wireless USB dongle, you’ll be able to too connect it to your favorite device with ease.

The Fitbit wireless activity tracker is perfect for the active individual and allows you to set goals and share progress with other users. It’s a great way to stay motivated and earn badges to show your skill. Everything you can imagine can be logged, like food, weight and more. The battery is replaceable and will last for about 6 months. Throw in the fact that the Fitbit wireless activity tracker is water resistant and you’ve got a winning combination.

fitbit wireless activity tracker

This is one of the best products for athletes and people trying to lose weight, but are having a hard time. You can pick up a Fitbit wireless activity tracker on Just head on in to the site and be one of the first to bid on it for best results. You’ll find the earlier you bid the better chance you have at winning a item.

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