Give Thanks – Plus, So Many More Items to Bid On At DealDash!

thanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving DealDash Bidders!

What are you thankful for?


Any awesome new wins that you can’t wait to open?

If you haven’t won anything yet, it’s about time you tried DealDash‘s entertainment auctions… because right now it’s Thanksgiving and what better thing to be thankful for than the ability to bid and win more items for less money? DealDash just listed 500 items all started at the same time just now, yes, that’s right. Right now.

Go on over and check it out. Buy bids and try it out

If you don’t know where to begin be sure to read DealDash Demystified to get started.

PLUS, That’s not all…

Right now, if you win bids, you will be getting TWICE 2x as many bids!

That’s 2x as many chances to win that new iPad Air, MacBook pro, a bouncy castle, Canon DSLR digital camera, Kitchen tools from Rachael Ray & Paula Deen, TIDE detergent, a KitchenAid mixer, laminator, handwarmer (it’s cold!) jerky fresh cuts of amazing meat, a smokehouse grill,  MORE bids, an HP Pavilion laptop, more laptops, $25 gift cards… .

I’m thankful for DealDash bidders and always love reading your comments. I’m over here silently cheering you on as I watch you bid away over there!

There’s even more totally useful items on DealDash to bid on:

More detergent,

Microsoft Office software,

Just watched a $10 Burger King gift card sell for $0- no bids!

OXO Good Grips food storage containers, knives, a pink toolbox and so much more! Not only should we be grateful for the chance to win and have fun on DealDash… Here are  just a few more things to be grateful for:

1. Your parents – without them you wouldn’t be here

2. Money – your job/income, without it you wouldn’t bid on DealDash

3. $0.15 Bids on DealDash – it’s always good to be thankful for savings

4. Your friends & family

5. Sense of sight/touch/hearing/smell/taste

6. Internet connection + devices to bid with

7. Your heart, lungs, immune system

8. Losing & Disappointment – without it you wouldn’t know how good winning and happiness is

9. Your hands, so you can type. Eyes so you can watch auctions!

10. Food – did you eat anything delicious for Turkey Day? 

11. Blogs -like this one!

12. Your enemies – well, without them DealDash would just be giving items away and well what fun would that be? Ok – it’d be fun but bidding against yourself wouldn’t be.

13. Stores who supply the Buy it now products on DealDash

14. Credit cards – to buy bids with

15. Your house/ place to sleep and bid in!

There really are SO many things we should be thankful for. What are you thankful for?

We’re thankful for you!



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5 Responses

  1. mr rutkowski says:

    I’m thankful for so many blessings in my life.
    There is way to many to list.
    I’m truly blessed to have found because when i need a break from the everyday stress i just log in and forget about about what was stressing me out for a while and most of the time i come back to reality in a better mood than before. Deal dash just makes me feel better some times. Might sound weird to some but it is what it is. A great penny auction site.

  2. Scot says:

    Great article with many tips about dealdash. Its a fair penny auction site that lets you pay full price in the event you dont win & can use the same bids again.

  3. My favorite site for bidding is Dealdash. I have won so many items plus I have purchased a lot of items on the buy it now option. I have provided all my Christmas presents by bidding on DealDash. Customer service at Dealdash is awesome. They will give you answers to all your questions and will happily help in anyway they can. My user name is Luckyus watch me bid if you would like I am on Dealdash alot. If you have any questions of me please ask and I will try to help you too. Victoria the Luckyus bidder….

  4. Emad Morcos says:

    I think DealDash is one of the most honest and rewarding penny auction sites because it has the 2x and sometimes 3x feature which gives you the double or triple bids rewards when you place a bid and no more bidders after$2 and some times after $1. Sure this site is one of the most important penny a
    uction sites if it is not the best.

  5. EdEllis says:

    I am grateful for all of the above as well as many other things. Thanks DealDash for an entertaining experience that also occasionally saves me some money! EdEllis

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