How To Get Free DealDash Bids

There are a variety of ways Deal Dash customers are able to earn free bids to use to their advantage in the auctions on

This section will cover important areas on ways you can collect free DealDash bids, so you don’t need to buy more.

Save yourself more money by collecting free bids for more chances at winning great deals.

What better way to win great deals than with FREE BIDS? The next time you’re planning on purchasing some bids to win that great deal, you may want to consider how you can earn free bids on DealDash so you don’t have to purchase more. We’ll start off by taking a look at how having a Facebook account can benefit you and allow you to earn free DealDash bids.

Earn Free DealDash Bids By Utilizing Facebook

Have you ever been to DealDash’s Facebook page? It’s a wonderful page and they’re always posting the most funny, inspirational and nostalgic pictures. With all these cute, quirky, funny photos of cats, grandmas, puppies and more, you may have missed one important section which informs you how to collect free Deal Dash bids! Let’s walk through those steps now so you’ll now how to find the free bids section in the future.

STEP 1: Go To DealDash Facebook Page 
DealDash Free Bids

STEP 2: Select Which Method You Would Like To Use To Earn Free DealDash Bids

DealDash provides several opportunities to earn free bidding points. You can collect free bids through most of the social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. DealDash also has special and limited time promotions to earn extra free bidding points as shown below in the Instagram note where bidders could win a free 600 Bid Pack! As you can see that contest is expired however there may be new ones available so it’s worth monitoring this section from time to time.

Free DealDash BidsWhen you are on this main note page you can just click on any of the notes to be provided with further instructions on how to collect free bids for DealDash. Let’s take a closer look at the “Get Up To 200 FREE Bids For Posting A Photo” note. Once you click that note it takes you to the detailed page.

DealDash Free Bids Facebook



Over a billion people are on Facebook so makes this the obvious choice for many people to collect free bids however let’s not count out the other social sites. Be sure to check out the other ways you can get free bids by utilizing Twitter and Pinterest. Turns out you can use the same picture you posted to Facebook to get free bids on Twitter and Pinterest so if you don’t yet have accounts to those social sites, we recommend signing up and following DealDash.

On Site Free Bid Rewards

The social sites are a great way to earn free bidding points however Deal Dash also offers bidders a way to earn even more free bids just for bidding. It’s called TIME AS HIGHEST BIDDER and basically this means that for every second you are the highest bidder in an auction, you earn TIME. As you collect more TIME you get closer and close to reaching a new level. For every level you reach, you get…. FREE BIDS!!!

Let’s visualize this for a moment. This is a mock up picture of how the TIME AS HIGHEST BIDDER feature appears on DealDash.

Time as Highest Bidder DealDash Free Bids

  1. The red star shows you which level you are currently on.
  2. (03:56:58) shows you how much time you have already accumulated while bidding.
  3. The Green bar which is half full shows 00:28:02 – this shows you have 28 minutes left before the green bar is full.
  4. Once the green bar fills up (your time meter) the “Claim 40 free bids!” button activates! Once that activates you can press it to claim your 40 free bids.

With each new level the bid rewards increase more and more. Once you start accumulating time and getting into the higher levels; you’ll find yourself collecting hundreds and hundreds of free bid rewards.

Knowing how you can earn free DealDash bids is important to know. It’s also important when calculating the cost of the item which is the final sales price + the cost of bids used. Remember next time when you think someone may be OVERBIDDING, they may in fact be using hundreds if not thousands of free bids they’ve collected over time by completing the free bid reward steps each week for posting to social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Even though DealDash may sell bids at 60¢ each, the high majority of the time those are on a discounted sale for 20¢, 18¢, and even as low as 15¢. Top that off with the extra free bids earned and the cost per bid reduces drastically.

Get Back Bids For Shopping On DealDash

Simply put, DealDash is the best deal auction website and offers their customers more great benefits then any other similar website available. Although it’s a great place to have a fun time bidding and winning, it’s also a great place to shop. Obviously everyone wants to BID TO WIN that awesome iPad or laptop for $2.00 however the fact of the matter is there can only be one winner in each auction. Okay, so Deal Dash may auction off over 1,000 items every single day making over 1,000 winners every day… but what about the people who lost the auction. What happens to them?

Well, Deal Dash is categorized as an online retail shopping site. A fun online retail shopping site no less, but that is part of their main business. They are an online store. While you can get a good thrill and chance to win a great deal, you can also buy any of the cool items DealDash offers. When you buy the item using the BUY IT NOW OPTION you get your item shipped for free and DealDash will even give you ALL your bids back which you used in the auction.

Our DealDash Bidding Tip for you is to shop on DealDash for things you know you want and would buy anyway. Bid to win however if you don’t win, buy it now and get your bids back. This way you never lose any of your bids and are still able to continue shopping in the auctions. Why spend money on bids when you can spend money on a nice item and continue to always have bids in your account. Of course you then have the several options to collect free bids to build up your bid balance so you’ll have more ammunition (bids) to try and win the BIG products like iPads, $1,000 Gift Cards, etc.

We’d love to hear your feedback and if you’ve utilized any of these ways to collect free DealDash bids!! How did you collect your free bids and what did you happen to win with them? Comment below!