Why Aren’t You Winning the Auction Game?

You’ve worked really hard.

You found out about online auctions and became intrigued by all of the advertisements and tales of others winning super cool items for really cheap. So you decided to try online auctions out in hopes of winning.

You’ve spent a lot of money on bid packs.

You’ve spent even more time bidding…

BUT…! You’re still not winning all those cool items for less like a lot of others have been. Why not?

Why aren’t you winning the auction game?

You might not be winning for one, or many, of these reasons.

1. You’re in the wrong place.

2. You’re in the right place, but the wrong time.

3. You’re bidding against “heavy hitters.”

4. You need more patience.

or 5. You’re not taking advantage of a few helpful tools.

or 6. You just need to spend more money.

Ok, so while it may not be obvious, there are some online auction sites that are flat-out scams. A good resource to reference prior to bidding on any site would be online auction Watch. Sign up on the online auction Watch Forum to get tips and discuss online auctions with other bidders.

You may be bidding at the right site, a legit online auction or entertainment auction website, but you’re bidding at the wrong time. And you really never know when they right time is, but there are times where the traffic on a site is at peak levels and the competition is tough. You never know when another bidder, or multiple bidders, will stop bidding and you could be in the auction when the others have just started or can bid more than you want to.

You could be bidding against the big shot online auction powerbidders. These guys know the game, know the rules of the game, and win often. Sometimes they spend thousands of bids on an item not worth hundreds, other times they get items worth thousands with only a few bids. So you have to do your homework. If it’s a site with less traffic and not as many bidders as a larger site like DealDash, Beezid, or QuiBids, you need to watch and see who is winning and what their bidding behaviors are before you bid against them. Just know the game and play it better than they do. This takes time, and patience.

Patience – you never know when another bidder is going to stop bidding. This is why it’s important to watch an auction closely and bid with patience. Don’t just hit bid every second another bidder places a bid. Watch as the timer counts down and bid when the timer is in the last few seconds (4-3 seconds).

Many sites offer bidding tools. Be sure you are familiar with them and take advantage of them. Bidding tools on DealDash.com include a bid buddy – this is an automatic bidding system that will bid for you with the amount of bids you tell it to use over the specified span of time in an auction. This is great if you are tired of pressing the bid button, want to always show up if someone else doesn’t bid and have a competitive advantage over others not using bid buddy. But note: many bidders can also be using bid buddy the same time as you. The bid buddy system will take turns bidding for you with other bidders, so you may not place a bid each time someone else bids. You could save money this way and you surely won’t miss getting a bid in if no one else bids.

Perhaps this one is the most obvious and you’ve already spent a lot of money… To win a particular auction you may need to spend more money than you want to. It really depends on where you’re at in the bidding and where everyone else is. This is not something that can be gauged. You have to pay attention and keep track of your spending, you may have to quit before you’re too far ahead, or keep going. No one can make this decision for you.

What have you bid on and won lately on a online auction site? Do you bid on DealDash?


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2 Responses

  1. wendi says:

    I bid and always get out bid by someone who pushes it way over the amount of bids its worth. 80 bid pack they are spending ove 115 bids on it and wont back off no way no how. I don’t get these bidders, then i see the same auctions go for pennies. seems like i get involved and that person wont back off my butt. I am really confused, i am careful I spend money I bin. I bin if i get anything because there is always someone who wont let me have it. I always get in a two bidding situation and ive used 200 bids and they always seem to have more even if i have 400 bids they always seem to have more. i don’t get it i guess.. i am trying , i just want to win one thing.. i am tired of paying full price all the time that is no fun at all, i can go shopping for less hassle. Why can’t people just back off sometimes.

    • DDTIPS says:

      It can be frustrating sometimes bidding. Maybe try to not get into a bidding war when that happens and try again later! Good luck

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