The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 1 of 3

“So if you know the place and time of battle, you can join the fight from a thousand miles away. If you do not know the place and time of battle, then your left flank cannot save your right, your right cannot save your left, your vanguard cannot save your rearguard, and your rearguard cannot save your vanguard, even in a short range of a few to a few dozen miles.”- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Powerbidders are bidders on who take their time and bids to “go all in” with full intent on winning, regardless of the cost or time involved.

Crazy? Smart? Obsessed?

Well, maybe you’re a powerbidder, or you have already seen these ruthless users “claim” items, and spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of bids to win any particular item.

Powerbidder Strategy #1 – Stamping

Powerbidders will sometimes “stamp” an auction to show their interest in winning, then when the auction starts will always be sure to to get a bid in either as soon as an opponent places a bid after them, or towards the very last few seconds (0-3 seconds).

Powerbidder Strategy #2 – Consistency

Powerbidders will be consistent with their bidding habits in an effort to “make a name” for themselves on DealDash. They may not always be consistent with the time in which they bid,  but they will do whatever they think it takes to the winner and to be the name that consistently shows up on as many of the ended auctions as possible until they reach their win limits each week.

Win Limits on DealDash

Remember, all bidders can only win a total of 6 items valued at under $200 and 3 items priced over $200 in a week period (win limits are reset each Saturday). Win limits help to make all auctions fair to allow more bidders a chance to win an auction and actually get a deal.

Strategy #3 – Niche Powerbidders

Some powerbidders will always win the same auctions, or same type of auctions. For instance, a particular powerbidder might always bid on just laptops. Of course, these items Once, on a online auction site that is no longer in business, I’ve seen bidders with names like “IBuyLaptop,” I notice that this bidder would always bid on laptop items and they would always win no matter how much money they had to spend.

Powerbidder Strategy #4 – Intimidating Usernames

Powerbidders tactfully choose their usernames. These powerbidders will pick names that will either 1.) State that they will win, or 2.) Intimidate. Like how “IBuyLaptop’s” combination of always winning the laptops he or she set out to bid on, combined with a username that states intention of winning, could be intimidating to other bidders. Choosy-username powerbidders try to instill fear in other bidders and send a message across that they are not to be confronted. They show, and tell that they bid until they win – “Bidtowin” – no exceptions.

Buy it Now Doesn’t Even Matter to Some Powerbidders

The powerbidder’s strategy is one that is very psychological in nature and some powerbidders won’t even elect to use “buy it now” well after they’ve spent the value of an item. Being the bidder whose name is consistently on the bidding screen, and consistently on the DealDash winner auction history pages, has much more long-term value.

Powerbidder Strategy #5 – Ruthless Reputation

The powerbidder strategy has a lot to do with “reputation.” The longer a powerbidder bids and stays in the auction, the more bidders will watch and remember their consistent win pattern. Their reputation is one that says “I mean business,” and, “I will win at all costs.”

You won’t be able to recognize these ruthless bidders unless you really pay attention and check up on auctions. Watch before you bid, and every so often check out the winner’s page, be sure to do this on a fairly regular basis.

Check back here tomorrow to read part 2!

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15 Responses

  1. The powerbidder strategy is good for the powerbidder, because they can easily intimidate other bidders. I watch auctions before getting into them to see if there is a powerbidder bidding. Not only do you end up using more bids then intended, but it prevents you from accumulating highest bidder time to win bids.

  2. barbara dowd says:

    I wont give up any of my strategies to winning on dealdash but I highly recommend that the so called newbies study these auction to get an idea of what’s going on and to learn before they jump in head first and try to win a big ticket item. Start small and get some idea on how it works and don’t be a stomper because 99% of the time it does not work and you become a looser real fast.

    • geotex says:

      Know the retail price where you live of what you are bidding on.Keep your eye on other bidders and know there skills and learn from them.Keep the math in your mind at all times.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I love deal dash and have won a lot of thing. I do have to opt out a lot and buy it now. I love that choice. So I only bid on things im willing to purchase. Thanks Deal Dash.

  4. VoodooFudge says:

    I really dislike the so-called “power bidders” because they are ruthless and senseless. I mean, 1,000+ bids for a 300 bid pack? These people take all the fun out of the auction process. Also, newbies read about power bidding and lose hundreds of bids because they haven’t a clue. DISLIKE.

  5. dwbga says:

    Great tips in here! Now I know!

  6. Whoever is a power bidder is crazy and doesn’t have common sense. I do not let anyone or anything intimidate me, and if you are easily intimidated you are wasting your money. The trick to winning is to place that first bid at the beginning of the clock. Now, the “no Jumper” time will come into play after $3.00 or $5.00 has been bid on the item. Once you get that first bid in your safe from”no jumper” and you watch for how many people are bidding on that item and how the bidders are playing. Once you see that there are only two to three bidders bidding, that is when you want to get back into the game. Sometimes this strategy works (9 times out of 10), you just have to play smart and only bid when you see a good opportunity(only 2 or 3 players bidding). There is also something else that aids in the possibility of winning and that is on the other DealDash Reviewed website. Follow me for more tips.

  7. 4boss says:

    I enjoy deal dash. You have to keep an eye on how much you are bidding. If the winnings are for personal use/gifts, some people sure must have a lot of friends!!!I like buying gadgets that I can use. I am not a shopper in a mall so Deal Dash fills a void.

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