The Powerbidder’s Strategy to Winning DealDash Auctions Part 2 of 3

Continuing on from where we left off yesterday in Powerbidder’s Strategy – Beat Them or Join Them? Part 1:

Should you worry about powerbidders?


Thanks to the risk-free buy it now option on all DealDash products users can opt to buy an auction at any time while an auction is running.

When is the best time to use buy it now?

This is up to you really, but it may be better to show other bidders that you’re serious about winning and will bid until you have reached an item’s buy it now value before you use buy it now. All bids placed in the auction do not go towards buy it now, but will be refunded back into your account if you buy an item with buy it now, giving you back an arsenal of bids to try and win more items.

Why is powerbidding a strategy?

I know what you’re thinking.

Why would anyone want to spend more money on multiple occasions, especially when the object of DealDash is to have fun and win items for less money? Right?

A powerbidder likely won’t tell you, but if you watch auctions and find yourself bidding against them long enough, you will start to recognize who these bidders are. They “win some” / “lose some,” and that’s just their mentality and their ultimate strategy.

Often I’ve seen where a powerbidder wins high valued items such as iPads and laptops with just a few bids – we’re talking HUGE savings. Perhaps their opponents shy away from bidding against them because they were “cleaned out” by these bidders before and just don’t have the time, patience, or amount of bids available to go head-to-head with them again.

DealDash is a very popular online auction site and therefore has a very large userbase. Let’s just say there’s a time when the only bidders around, everyone else has met their 9 items/week win limit, and the only bidders in a particular auction are ones who have gone against these powerbidders before and lost. Who ends up winning, sooner rather than later? While not totally possible to predict, the established, hardcore powerbidder is usually likely to prevail.

What if a powerbidder gets in a “bidding war” with another powerbidder?

This is when two bidders who seem to always place a lot of bids are consistently bidding against each other.

Watch out, and get ready for what could be a very long battle to see who has more bid ammo, and patience. Chances are, at this point, one of these powerbidders will choose buy it now and the other may win.

Let’s just say the item they’re bidding for is one with a $1,000 value. Bidders will watch to see if either bidder, or some will try a few bids with hopes of winning, watching to see if either consistent bidder will drop and use buy it now to come in.

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10 Responses

  1. jean rutkowski says:

    The old buy it now option is a great feature especially when you get real in deep into your auction and don’t see an end in the near future and would just like to get out and still get a great deal plus all your bids back for free. I’ve done this many times and never regretted it and just moved on to the next item that caught my eye. I see it as a win win and Im happy its there if I need it.

  2. Kelli Rooney says:

    As KROONEY on Deal Dash, I’ve both won some terrific items and have also done the Buy It Now on things that I would have purchased elsewhere anyway. I agree withJean – it’s a win/win no matter how you fulfill your shopping list on Deal Dash. They prices on the Buy It Now’s are from what I’ve been able to tell the LOWEST retail prices you’ll find ….so there’s just no losing!

  3. Powerbidder’s strategy, often intimidate a lot of the players and this make easy for them to win and get great deals. I have play against a powerbidder, and ended up spending more then I had plan on.

  4. toothpic says:

    play the items you like at 6 or 7 in the morning your best chance at winning

  5. TREX68 says:

    Great advice. Winning is sometimes tough but always fun. Thanks

  6. Kathryn Simmons says:

    I agree with the others who recommend using the Bid Buddy – it’s reliable and keeps you within reach of the coveted item. Deal Dash is such a great website – be patient, it takes time to learn the ins and outs of bidding.

  7. Tina says:

    Great advise and comments. Thanks everyone!

  8. Jamie Coscino says:

    I agree with most comments. I have powerbidded many of times and have gotten so deep, that I used the buy now option because it was a great deal anyway. I then move on with my bids back in my account & move on to the next item.

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