Shopping on a Budget

Christmas is not far away so it is not too early to start shopping now.

If you are a retiree with limited funds like me, you might not have much money to spend on gifts for family members and friends.

By shopping on, however, we might be able to still get some great gifts at bargain prices. I checked out the various auctions now listed on DealDash and came up with a list of auctions that seem to be often fairly easy to win at bargain prices, suiting those shopping on a budget.

Gifts for Men

  • Bolvaint – Leaf, Men’s Eau de Parfum,7 fl. oz. The buy-it-now price is $230.00. This item sold for 10 bids or less 23 times from Oct. 19 to Oct. 26. During that same time, it sold for 100 bids or less 105 times out of 144 times it was listed. Therefore, if we place 100 bids in this auction, the probability of winning it at a bargain price is extremely high.
  • Wilson & Miller Tactical Combat Flashlight. The buy-it-now price of this item is $65.00. Based on my findings this item sold for less than 50 bids six times from Oct. 19 to Oct. 26. During that same time, it sold for 220 bids or less 20 out of 30 times it was listed. Since we can purchase 220 bids (at 14 cents a bid) for $30.80 the probability of winning this at a bargain price is fairly high.


Gifts for Women

  • Ashlynn Avenue – Aurora 18K White Gold-Plated Echo Ring with Pavé Gemstones 0.44 Ctw – Size 7. The buy-it-now price of this ring is $165.00. This ring sold for 50 bids or less 21 out of 35 times it was listed from Oct. 19 to Oct. 26. Therefore, if we place 50 bids on this ring, the probability is high that we could win this ring at a bargain price.
  • Ashlynn Avenue – Symphony Harper 18K White-Gold Plated 3.4 Ctw Teardrop Earrings.  The buy-it-now price of these pierced earrings is $210.00.  They sold for 62 bids or less 19 out of 23 times they were listed from Oct. 20 to Oct. 26. Therefore, if we place 62 bids on these earrings, the probability of winning them at a bargain price is very high.


Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. 


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