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Keeping up with your money is one of the most basic consumer functions. Figuratively speaking and literally. When it comes to literally keeping up with your money, a Finnish company called Thin King has a new product perfect for the 21st century buyer. It’s not an exaggeration to say money makes the world go around. Even though money can be a source of stress and anxiety, money affords us with both necessities and luxuries that bring us joy too.

Thin King

Today, Thin King has figured out a way to help us manage the stress that follows with transactions especially that are done electronically. Of course, you can still use cash as a form of payment, but more and more consumers rely on putting their purchase on plastic these days. Debit and credit cards rule the market. With today’s technology, using your card for a purchase instead of cash allows you to fine-tune your budget. For example, you can track every purchase you make.

Thin King

Thin King noticed this trend and the company even goes as far as to say on their official website that “Cash is Dead.” The problem with cards is keeping up with them. Consumers today don’t want a bulky wallet or to carry their cards in different pockets or lose them at the bottom of a bag with all their other belongings. Thin King offers a solution to that problem with their wallet.

The design of the Thin King wallet is clean and modern aesthetically and also smart as far as function goes. Using a grip style, Thin King wallets hold up to four cards of credit card size (drivers license, bank card, hotel keys, for example) and they slide in and out smoothly.

Thin King

If you are one of those people who has cards with you and need a safe place to keep them while going out or traveling then you need a Thin King. You can get great deals on Thin King on DealDash daily and you can get one today.

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