Win a Thanksgiving Dinner on DealDash

Are you in the mood to spend an entire day prepping and cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner?

Nah, you don’t have time for that.

Win a 10 lb turkey and spend the rest of the day winning Christmas gifts while everyone else is standing in line waiting for Black Friday deals.

DealDash wants to help make not only Christmas easier for you, but Turkey Day too.

DealDash has been running a lot of auctions lately for plump and juicy 10 lb. oven-ready turkeys. I know what you’re thinking… Is this a joke?


No, the DealDash team isn’t actually slaving away and basting what could be your family’s turkey dinner. While the team is busy finding you the best gift items for the holidays, they’re leaving the turkeys to the experts over at Omaha Steaks.

Have you heard of Omaha Steaks?

Based in Omaha, Omaha Steaks has been in the business since 1971 as a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of custom cut meats,  premium steaks and whole turkeys!

“Our traditional plump and juicy oven-ready turkey will be the main attraction on your dinner table. It’s basted in a savory honey brown sugar blend for a delicate sweet flavor. Comes with a cooking bag and meat thermometer that pops up when your bird is done so you’ll know it’s absolutely perfect! It also makes a beautiful gift!

In case you’re worried about receiving meat in the mail, rest assured that these steaks are shipped directly from Omaha Steaks and are packed and shipped directly to you in a reusable, cooler filled with dry ice.

Filet Mignon more your taste?


Recently featured on DealDash is the bacon-wrapped filet mignon. They promise that their filet mignon are juicy and tender and delicately wrapped in a savory strip of bacon.

How about strip steaks? Premium Omaha Strips?

omaha stripsSirloin?

top sirloin

Chicken Pastry?


Swordfish? 15597_cd80ff2399_Swordfish - BigA bacon-wrapped filet mignon ($136 value) was recently won by one lucky winner for $0.60 + bids spent (definitely less than 60 bids were placed by this winner). A  whole basted 10 lb. turkey  was just won for $1.15.

According to a few reviews found on Omaha Steak’s website the turkey is very moist and delicious:
“The turkey was very moist and very good tasting.

Dana J. – Janesville, WI

The best turkey I have ever had. My brother absolutely loves to eat at my house if this is served.

Maree D. – Rosamond, CA

Very Nice! Perfect size for a small family or couple ! Tender and excellent taste!

Jane K. – Oakham, MA

I’ve been making this turkey for thanksgiving for the past several years and it is always a hit. It is simple to make and turns out delicious every time!

Lisa M. – Glenshaw, PA ”

Bid More, Cook Less!
Will you bid on dinner at DealDash? Have a favorite Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukkah recipe? Tell us about it!



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5 Responses

  1. Kevin Gibbs says:

    Always LOVE me a GOOD Turkey, Plus it’s good for ya, What more can you ask for!

  2. Barbara Dowd says:

    I think its a great idea with the food prizes that dealdash now has. I love good food and hope to win some soon !!!
    I’m really loving DD these days.

  3. joe salfi says:

    I think its a good idea with the whole Omaha steak vouchers. I love filet mignon. Its my favorite.
    Dealdash is an awesome place to win great items.

  4. i will be giving a $100 omaha steaks gift card to my sister,which i won on dealdash…i really love omaha steaks .. i order them often and use the coolers they come in for planting my tomatoes in the summer

  5. Scott says:

    Nothing like great food prizes on DD!!! love this site! thehandofmidas

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